Donations is entirely supported by donations from members and visitors. It cost a lot to run a web server like this. It also takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the artists and writers to produce content for you to enjoy. Here's where you can give something back.

Please note, the donation system has changed recently. Donations to invidual sites/users are no longer handled centrally through this page, and Xepher.Net no longer gets any percentage of donations made directly to site owners. Donations made here on this page go straight to Xepher.Net itself. If you wish to donate to an individual site owner, please look for donation options on that site. Note that not all users take donations.

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Alternate Methods
If you want to help out, but can't use PayPal, then email me about alternate methods for sending your donation. Likewise, if you'd like to help out in some other way, let me know what you think you can help with.