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Title: Where to start?
Post by: Lei on September 02, 2010, 08:09:38 pm
So I'm not exactly new... I was hosted here and enjoyed the company of Xepher and some others I still see around 4-6 years ago and have been trying to come back regularly but high school and university had different plans for me.

I'm currently enrolled in a co-operative program at my school, so I switch between school terms and work terms for 5 years. Heading into work term in a city far from any friends or family (thank god) I thought I'd put some serious work into rebuilding my little corner of the web, for the sake of practice...

I've been out of the game for so long though I hardly know where to start. I'm fairly sure I won't be asking for hosting at Xepher again, as I'll just be playing with the website to showcase my programming and scripting skills rather than actually displaying work, but I have no idea who else I would be hosting with, as Xepher was definitely my best hosting experience ever. I have a little cash for setting up, but seriously, where do I start?