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Title: Critique
Post by: robynie on January 03, 2006, 07:48:31 pm
I'm wanting to redo my site layout, because I'm slowly starting to dislike it already...

But really I was wondering if some of you would look at it as it is now and let me know what you think of the functionality, layout, etc., so the next one can be as nice as possible.  I know you all have a lot of good ideas when it comes to sites, so if you would just take a moment of your time I would be quite grateful.  


Thanks!  ^___^
Title: Critique
Post by: Databits on January 04, 2006, 09:04:37 pm
The only thing I'd nitpick about is the text color contrast. Since a majority of the site is pink, having the text as pink is kinda odd for some reason. Maybe it's the white background behind the pink? Perhaps changing it to the darker brown instead of the pink would help it a little.

Other than that the site looks fin to me. A lot of whitespace, but the design looks nice.
Title: Critique
Post by: robynie on January 05, 2006, 08:06:13 pm
Ok, thanks Databits.  

The next layout will probably have a completely different color scheme... or at least kind of different.  I think the white space would vary based on your resolution.  I use 1024x768 and there is just a little bit, and I can see how there would be a lot more if you were using anything bigger than that, but I try to think about people with smaller resolutions... I know a lot of people who still use 800x600 (x.x) and I try to design for it to still be functional for them.

I also thought that was purple? *boggle*
Title: Critique
Post by: Databits on January 05, 2006, 10:01:06 pm
Actually, 1024x768 is pretty much standard now. I'm using that too. What I mean by whitespace is space that is not being used for user content. I.E. Having a huge area with a large background image but no content in the space is also refered to as whitespace.

I usually prefer to have organized content that consumes as much of the space as possible without clutter. But some people also overdo that, and cram so much stuff that it's even harder to find anything. For art sites it isn't as much of a big deal though, so you're safe. ;)

Also, just a tip, when I was refering to the text contrasting the other stuff, that's pretty standard too. You want people to be able to tell what is what. When the text is contrasting the rest, it tends to help your eyes from wandering while trying to read it.

Edit: To me it looks pink, but that may be because I have my color temperature on my monitor set to high.