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Title: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on July 09, 2007, 04:43:31 am
So I'm bored, and I'm bored of most video games. The current RPG games are so limiting in what you can do that they don't appeal to me, yet the single player games are pretty dull, as you're not interacting with other people. What I'm here to find out is if anyone has some interesting in trying to do an online (chat-based) RPG games. This is NOT a video game. I mean, we would meet in the chatroom here (or maybe use voice chat or something) and play a table-top style RPG, such as D&D, GURPS, Changling or something.

I want to note that I'm pretty much a total n00b at this. I've played maybe 2 D&D sessions in my life (neither of which I found very fun and why I'd like to do something besides D&D.) But I'm in it for the fun, not for precise rule evaluations or anything. To me, Roleplaying games should be about roleplaying. Battles are part of it, but stats really shouldn't be the focus, it should be about the story, about having fun. As such, I don't want any rule-nazis, but otherwise, everyone/anyone is welcome. I'll probably be the GM, but that's not decided for sure, nor is the time(s) or really any other plans.

Right now, I'd just like to find out who might be interested, then we can figure out details. I plan to distribute basic rules/ideas for whatever system we end up using to everyone, so don't worry if you haven't played it before, or don't know the rules. The main thing is that you WANT to be involved, and want to actually roleplay/storytell with your character. Also that you'll be okay with whatever medium we end up using, be it voice chat, or a text chat system, etc. If we go with text, it'll be important that you're not extremely slow at typing. Likewise, if we go with voice, that you have a microphone to use. Also, that you'll be able to game somewhat regularly. No schedule will be set in stone or anything... it should actually be quite flexble... we just don't want people that play one week and then don't show up for 2 months or something.

Alright, all this is up for debate, additional ideas, etc. Anyone who's interested, lemme know. If you have ideas, questions, thoughts... let's hear those too.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Gwyn on July 09, 2007, 05:21:17 am
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: fesworks on July 10, 2007, 04:19:11 am
World of Darkness fans????

granted I'm an uber noob on table-tops.. but WoD was awesome :D
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: phantasus on July 10, 2007, 04:37:03 am
im a WoD fan , and changeling storyteller.
i have something like 5-6 years playing tabletop roleplaying games.
have never played online
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on July 10, 2007, 05:52:38 am
I've not played a WoD game before, though a couple of friends (locally) are trying to get a game together, and I'm pushing for Changling, since they always play D&D and I'm just sick of Elves, Dwarves and Halflings... really, can't we be more creative with races than "like a human, but with big ears" or "just like a human, but really short." So yeah, at the moment, WoD (I'd go with probably anything but "Vampire") or GURPS are my top choices. Changeling is what I've been looking into most lately, as it sounds like the most interesting setting to me, but GURPS has the advantage of being highly portable to nearly any setting, as well has having an easy beginners/basic rulebook online.

Phantasus: So far you're the only one with experience, so any advice on what's more fun, or advantages/disadvantages of play options would be helpful. If we end up with changeling it might be better for you to be storyteller/GM if you're interested. Also, when I look online, I see "Changeling: The Lost" being what white wolf is offering? Does that replace "The Dreaming" (3rd edition or some such?) or is it just a supplement/extra?

Oh, for those that don't grok this... "Changeling: The Dreaming" is a setting/game from White Wolf... it's part of a larger world/set of RPGs from them called "World of Darkness" All of which follow the (starting to become ridiculous) naming scheme "Noun: The Gerund" such as "Werewolf: The Apocalypse" or "Vampire: The Masquerade." In the WoD games "Storyteller" is the same thing as what other systems call GM/DM (Game/Dungeon Master.)
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: phantasus on July 10, 2007, 06:19:19 am
white wolf was buyed by wizards of the coast , and they decided, to end the world of darkness ( make the apocalipse ) and start a new WoD from the begining as part of WotC. this i was realy sad whit.
so part of the new Wod are : vampire the requiem ( inspired on vampire the masquarade, like a re-make of the game) , and also changeling: the lost . a new werewolf, mage, were made again to fit this new set of games.
i , personaly , dont like them. i like the old WoD and continue to play on it as if the end of the world has never happened.

the best advice i can give is to keep in mind this is just a game, it is for having fun. what ever happens in the game, dont take it personaly, its just a game.
Rules are made as guide lines, they are not the point on the game, so they can be ( and must be ) modified to fit the game, the players , etc. after all this is a game based on creativity and imagination.
Role playing games are about role playing , this means getting into a character and playing it. its not all about battles, yes, battles are interesting and fun to role play, but the point of the game IS NOT to win battles.
about stats and system, yes, they are important, but the game is not about them. they should help the game, not be the game.

if you want to play changeling ( the dreaming ) then, yes, i can be the storyteller, and would like to stick to a simplified ( to make things a bit more confortable on internet and for people whos new to the game) version of the game system and rules. and would also like it to be in a text chat, since this is not my first lenguage and my pronunciations is not correct, so im not sure if everyone can understand a word i say.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Tsunemori on July 10, 2007, 11:01:56 am
Table top D&D will require a looooooot of knowledge about how the system works. Most dungeon masters will still have rulebooks handy to check for spell statistics, or how to calculate combat rolls when mounted, or whatnot etc etc. It's massive and yes, I do agree with you, if I ever play an RPG I'd like to play for the story more than with numbers.

About video games... despite you being sick of elves/dwarves/midgets etc, I'd recommend games like Baldur's Gate II, Icewind Dale II, and possibly Neverwinter Nights II (never played the last so I can't comment on it).

Baldur's Gate saga is about roleplaying a "Bhaalspawn", one of the children of Bhaal, the god of Murder, as a mere mortal. The most wonderful thing about BG2 isn't the story; it's the interaction. You can have up to five other party members with you (so six total), and while you control these characters' actions, you can not control their personalities. For example, you may choose to roleplay an evil character, and when you do something nasty, a good-aligned party member might feel disgusted and perhaps leave or even turn against you. Likewise, doing good things will annoy evil-aligned party members.

There's a lot of depth in this game; you're able to weave a relationship with one of your party members, and sometimes they can even have one without you being involved. That's what I find is the most interesting aspect about the game; the fact that your party members seem more alive, as they continuously chip in their opinion about your actions, and occassionally refuse to follow you. I'm recommending BG2 not BG1 because BG1 is very outdated, and you'll require third party mods if you want to play BG1 with BG2's engine, and even then, it's not really that fun since you start at level 1. You'd feel so weak and limpy.

Icewind Dale II is also a great game, it allows more customisation with your characters (e.g. new races, class kits, etc), and it has a good, long story line as well. However, I find the game a little less entertaining as you'll have to create and control every single party member, so the only interaction you get is between you and NPCs. And it's not that fun. However, the engine is more updated than BG2, and would play better.

NWN1 was absolute rubbish. NWN2 though, I've been hearing good things about, and I'd love to try it some day.

Anyway, that aside, my experience with D&D is very minimal unfortunately. I know the rules and things, but I haven't really played any real table-top games. The last time I tried, we pissed off the dungeon master so much 'cause we were just having fun. Friend of mine made a soap-on-a-rope for a weapon and we spent a while arguing whether it should be calculated as a flail or whip weapon. Or something like that.

I've always wanted to play a D&D game where all you have to worry about is roleplaying. That's it, just plain roleplaying, exploring worlds and making decisions, interacting with other players and NPCs. And that's why I play PC games so I can just do that, and not worry about numbers.

But yes, as for your question, I'd be interested to partake in a little bit of roleplaying. I don't know if I'd be comfortable with talking, I'd rather just plain text. And I have no experience outside yon classic olde medieval fantasy setting, elves and dwarves and dragons and what-not. I'd feel a little weirded out if we decide to play on some vampire/tentacle monster/pokemon setting or something, but as long as there's enough backstory behind it then I can try to fit in.

But yeh. I dwaddle.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Databits on July 10, 2007, 02:11:36 pm
Warhammer FTW, others are just too damn complicated.

You need 2 D10's, that's pretty much it.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Tsunemori on July 10, 2007, 02:30:43 pm
Oh yeh, just in case this interests anyone... LotR done as a table-top RPG.

Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: fesworks on July 10, 2007, 03:18:42 pm
Well, I had an awesome story teller for the WoD game I played. there were 7 of us and his story included Mages, Werewolves and Vampires. I was the only Mage :P

But the story rocked and I, possibly was the only survivor in the end, asside from a Vampire that was in torpor (sp?) in an underground sewer, but would have been found for dead and burried eventually.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on July 10, 2007, 04:12:38 pm
Tsununemori: The group of friends I hung out with played D&D all through highschool, pretty much every lunch. I didn't really participate often, because playing for 35 minute chunks while trying to eat just seemed... stupid. But I did pay enough attention to get some idea for how the system functions. As far as I can tell, you don't need all that much knowledge of the system. I mean, you need to understand it a bit of course, know what stats and stuff mean, but you don't have to use 95% of what you CAN use. Monster manuals, additions, etc... all those aren't necessary. I will have a copy of a rulebook handy for whatever we use of course though, and probably some basic monster guides (many can be found online) so I don't have to make up ALL the npc stats. Also, the new (3.x) versions of D&D use a D20 (20-sided die) system, which is a LOT simpler than the old system too. GURPS uses a similar, fairly simple system. WoD... haven't quite got that one figured out yet, but I know at least their skill system is rather easy/simple as well... doesn't even use numbers, just dots. Of course a lot of people are used to playing full/complex games in these systems, so I'm trying to make it clear this is more of a newbie game, and we're gonna be trying this a bit perhaps. That is, simplified as much as possible with focus on roleplaying, not the numbers/dice. Besides, if it doesn't work out, we're all in it for fun anyway. But I really think it can work and be fun, even with minimal knowledge... as long as people have patience if we need to take a couple minutes here and there to muddle through some particular process or understanding how a certain rule applies.

Data: Warhammer... heheh. Sure, only d10s, but there's the boards, and rulers, and figurines. Not sure that works so well in pure text. :-P

Fes: Sounds like fun. Though I think trying to combine WoD games for what is a "first experience" for a lot of us would over-complicate things, at least for now. It's easier to get into the swing of things when you're sticking closer to the ideas/setting of a particular book. Also, I intend to pretty much read the whole (base) rulebook for whatever game we pick... don't really fancy trying to memorize half a dozen of them. :-)
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: fesworks on July 10, 2007, 04:16:16 pm
It was my first experience. And it really all depends on how good of a Story teller you got.

Also, I was only 1 of TWO people that were completely new to table tops.

Also, I have a bit of Dyslexia, so I never was able to read the Mage book as well as I should to be a better player.. :P

Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Databits on July 10, 2007, 06:10:58 pm
Warhammer fantasy roleplaying.... not the 40k shit.

They are two completely separate games man. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying is a total 100% roleplaying game, half the time we don't even use figures.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warhammer_Fantasy_Roleplay (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warhammer_Fantasy_Roleplay)
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: phantasus on July 10, 2007, 09:18:14 pm
i like WoD system, it is simple, and it can be made simplier still. i find it quick and easy, dont takes time off the game.  Dyd has many sistems, depending on the edition and such, dont realy understand them, im not a DyD fan, but i have played a lot before and never ever got troubles because there is something i dont get.
When i started playing ( i was just entering secundaria (i think it is the equivalent level for americans Jr high) ) i didnt knew anything about rpgs or systems and was like, kind of fasinated whit the fact there were 10 or 20 sided dice. i learned to play playing, when i didnt understand something, someone else would explain.

as for the dices, there are many programs on the internet to do dice rolls, so we dont realy need dice fisicaly. ( dice some how are funny and help preparing a cool enviroment for the game, so i like to have a lot of them on the table when i play, but these are not nessesary.)
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: phantasus on July 10, 2007, 09:34:31 pm
a quick explanation of the WoD system, just in case anyone is interested:

your character is defined by traits, these represent your characters strengths and weakness. they are rated from 1 to 5 ( those are the little circles and dots). one is not to good , 5 is inhumanly perfect.
most of the time you combine the traits of an atributte ( something like how strong or inteligent or such, these are like capacities) whit one ability (these are things you can learn or get trought practice like driving or computers or to dodge or figth ). and get your dice pool (the number of dots is the number of dice (10 sided dice) you get). the more dice you get the more probabilities there are that you will succed. against the dificultie the storyteller decides is apropiate for the action you are trying to preform ( usualy something like 5-6) every dice avobe the dificultie number is a succes. the more of those you get the better. now, every 1 you get takes away one success, if you got more 1s than successes something bad happens ( not just you werent able to do it, you did it wrong ).  questions?

hope it helps
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: fesworks on July 11, 2007, 05:38:54 am
if you roll a 9 or 10, that counts as a success. In most cases, you just need one success if you are not rolling against anything. if you get a 10, you can roll again (some abilities have a "9-again" aspect in whcih you can roll 9s again :P )

Well, if you get one success.. you succeed... if you get more, the BETTER that you do... like picking a lock... 1-succees, but you might have caused something else to happen or you bent your tool doing it (depending on the needs of the story and how hard the lock is), or perhaps you were loud in breaking it. 3- you broke the lock without alerting anyone, 5- (which is a critcal success) you may even up disarming an alarm in the process because you were so great.

you can also critcal failure to... which could end up kill you too... because the failures (rolling a "1") work the same way... with no successes, the amount of Fails you get ampliphy how bad you did... trying to aim at a werewolf and shot them? 1 failure, you'll miss.... 3? You might have hit a team mate 5? the gun back fires the bullet into your face :P

I love WoD because story telling overrides things if you need it to, and it makes for a more interesting game than dice chucking, math laden D&D... where numbers are crunched, versus story telling likely events or processes without unpredictable extreme luck or rediculous events just because someone roled a 20 or some crap.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: phantasus on July 11, 2007, 01:25:31 pm
fes: thats rigth!  ;D by the way when you roll more 1s than success it is called botch.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on July 12, 2007, 07:44:36 am
Okay, so let's see... we've got Me, Gwyn, Fes, Phantasus, Tsunemori, and Databits... am I missing anyone? (Data, I assume you want to play, as you responded, but didn't exactly say.) That's six people, and I think a good number to try this with.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but several of us seem to prefer a WoD game. Data mentioned warhammer, but... Well, how about I say this: I propose we start with a Changeling: The Dreaming game. All in favor, please say so. Anyone opposed, please speak up and suggest your alternative. Also, if you're objecting and suggesting something else, please say how "firm" you are about that. That is, will you still play if we don't take your suggestion? I'm getting player count from this. So even if you "obviously" agree with Changeling from previous posts, check in here again, and say that you definitely plan to play. Oh, other info that would be helpful would be prefered times for playing. Probably a weekly schedule and include your timezone (or UTC offset if you know it.) Also, if you have AIM, your nick on there.

Phantasus: If we end up with Changeling... you mentioned you've been a storyteller a lot before. But I also know you kind of struggle with English. Are you more comfortable reading english than writing it? I'm just thinking it might be better for me to be GM as I can type fast in english... But I also know that I don't really know Changeling the way you do, and I don't want you to get frustrated with a game run by a newbie. :-) Let me know how you feel about it. For that matter, if anyone else might want to GM (especially if the game ends up something besides Changeling) let me know.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on July 12, 2007, 07:52:59 am
My "Vote" post...

I'm voting for Changeling.

Best times for me are... just about anything right now. Evenings are probably better on the long run though, so say 6pm to 3am (1800-0300) Central Time (I'm in Texas at UTC-5) any day of the week. Times are pretty flexible though, so I'll consider myself at low priority if other people have more firm time requirements.

AIM: Xepher42

Oh, if we go with text-chat, we'll probably use http://xepher.net/chat/ as easiest. Though if there's enough interest, I can find us an IRC channel/server and get a dice-bot (to do the dice rolls) for us.

EDIT: Wow.... the chat script I linked above. It already HAS dice rolling support. Just type "/roll 3 10" to roll 3 10-sided dice. You can of course change the numbers for any number of dice and side-per-die. You can also add a third +/- option for the more complicated stuff. E.G. "/roll 3 12 -3" subtracts 3 from each roll... not sure exactly what that's for though. I think WoD will just need us rolling d10 anyway. :-)
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: phantasus on July 12, 2007, 08:39:25 am

as for the times, next week im gonna be on Washington DC , so i would prefer anythime at nigth, lets say, 11pm to 2-3 am its all rigth whit me. i want to use the mornigngs and afternoons to spend time whit my brother (im visiting him) and go to museums and parks. but once im back anytime its ok for me, since im on vacation and dont got anything else to do. my time shedule may change once school starts again.  any day of the week would be ok.

dotn got aim...

Xepher: yes, i can read . and dont worry im not a rules maniac, actualy i think i may enjoy playing a lot.  ;D soo good luck new storyteller, whatever you need just ask me. if you want to revew anything whit me , like rules or details you dont understand or want to change or something , just send me a mail or let me know.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: fesworks on July 12, 2007, 02:33:19 pm
I have no freaken clue what Changling is... I supposed I could .. "find" it somewhere. I certainly can't afford any new books.

I'm not sure what "time" we'd all plan to get together, but that can be figured out later, except I'm going to say I work every single Fri, Sat, Sun overnight...

but if things work out for me, I Vote for "World of Darkness" Mortals (base book) or ... actually I'm good with anything... I'll give it a shot at the very least.

who's ST-ing?
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Gwyn on July 12, 2007, 03:35:24 pm
I'm up for any of it. I work every week night until 12, but that's in my cuh razy time zone. My weekends are the best time for me, since on weekdays my schedule MIGHT change from 8-4, 4-12, or 12-8. But I get laid off in 3 weeks anyway!
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on July 12, 2007, 11:35:45 pm
Fes: I'll have materials for anyone that needs them. You shouldn't need to buy anything unless you prefer to. I know neither gwyn or I has ever played changeling before either, so you're not alone there. That's kinda why I'm looking for newbs for this... so no one gets frustrated with any potential holdups while something gets figured out. This way, we're all in the same boat. Also, I'm probably going to be ST-ing, if there are no objections... Phantasus is the one with the most experience, but english is her second language. Don't get me wrong, it's WAY better than my spanish is, but if we're doing this via text, I think it's probably important to have the ST be able to type fast/clear to keep the game moving. I asked her (earlier in this thread) and she was fine with that. If someone else would like to ST... speak up. I'm not trying to dictatorize this whole thing. I want it to be fun for everyone, so let us know what you're thinking.

As for times: I figure give it another day or two for anyone else that wants in to say so and give a loose idea of their available times.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Gwyn on July 13, 2007, 03:15:08 am
i'm working 4pm-12am next week. That's um 11:30am -7:30pm PST I think.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: dragyn on July 13, 2007, 07:26:47 pm
Much as I'd love to join in, my schedule is erratic, at best.  I'd probably best sit this one out.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: phantasus on July 24, 2007, 03:47:55 am
soooo...ummmm.... when are we playing?  ???
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on July 24, 2007, 10:04:05 am
Yeah, I'm still planning to get the game going. I haven't forgotten, it's just that Harry Potter threw everyone's schedules for a loop. :-)

/finally got the book tonight
//is only at chapter 7
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on July 30, 2007, 09:47:24 pm
Well, I've been getting through the player manual a lot slower than I thought I would. I'm still not quite up to speed on stuff just yet, but I'm getting there. How comfortable do the rest of you feel with it so far? Any questions or issues that you've got?
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on August 02, 2007, 03:08:45 am
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: fesworks on August 02, 2007, 09:45:59 pm
Well, I think that for now I'll have to bow out. I have not even read the Changling book, and I already have trouble reading texts. Plus with my projects. it is just not seemingly likely, sorry.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on August 03, 2007, 12:37:01 am
Heh... I'm starting to suspect that's the case for everyone. Myself included to some degree. I'm still willing to make the time if people want to play, but with the lack of response here, I think others may be wanting to drop out too. If so, that's perfectly alright.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: phantasus on August 03, 2007, 01:50:57 am
well, i do want to play...

i start classes on monday 13, and this is my ( horrible ) shedule :
monday 7-12 hrs
tuesday and wednesday 7-13 hrs
thursday 7-12hrs
and friday 7-9 hrs

i still need to get one more subect, but wont be able to do so before day 13.

the rest of the time its ok for me, i still can play at nigths as long as we finish before 1 am
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Xepher on August 05, 2007, 01:15:07 am
Sorry phantasus, but it looks like no one else is really up for it. Oh well, was a fun idea while it lasted. Maybe at some point in the future.
Title: Re: Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?
Post by: Gwyn on August 05, 2007, 04:23:41 am
I'm still working 4-12 (newfoundland time)

Uh school starts for me soon so I'll be good to play weekends tho.