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Title: WebCartoonists' Choice Awards
Post by: MHPayne on January 14, 2008, 05:38:30 pm

I've been waiting for the guys in charge of such things to issue the Official Press Release about this year's awards, but since they haven't yet, I guess I'll be all unofficial and just post an announcement about it.   :)

So we're now accepting nominations for the 8th annual WebCartoonists' Choice Awards.  If you're involved in making a webcomic--writer, artist, letterer, webmaster (this means you, too, Xepher!)--you can register to vote by sending me an e-mail at my Terebinth address, trbinth@aol.com, with your name and the URL of the webcomic you're working on.  I'll then send you a ballot upon which you can nominate up to three webcomics--including your own--per category, and you'll have till January 23rd to get the ballot back to us.

The WCCAs are all about other webcartoonists telling us what webcomics they like--I can't nominate and my comics aren't eligible since I'm one of the guys counting the ballots--so the more folks we get involved, the better the results will be.  Drop me a line, then, if you're interested, and thanks!

Mike Payne, the Registrar
Title: Re: WebCartoonists' Choice Awards
Post by: Xepher on January 16, 2008, 09:34:58 pm
Done! You should have an email from me on this. Sounds like fun! I encourage the rest of you with comics here to register as well.
Title: Re: WebCartoonists' Choice Awards
Post by: fesworks on January 17, 2008, 05:26:42 am
We had Frank on The Webcomic Beacon (also hosted on Xepher) talk about it!

I'll certainly be getting all of this in too!