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Title: A Auto disconnect
Post by: celebrateart on January 16, 2009, 06:31:54 am
ok, help would be great on this problem.

Alright, i've been playing on Team Fortress 2 alot and i've been having this horrible problem with auto-disconnect and booting me of the server.
I never use to happen to me and I would like to know if it would be my router. I do have a wireless router and I think it could be the ISP but I can't tell.
I have though a modem that is a Motorola and we use that for vonage and then we have a out-dated cable router which is a motorola surf i believe then I got the wireless one which is Belkin. Could it be the Belkins ISP sense thats where I'm getting my connection from?

I know gaming on a mac is a no-no actually big no no, sense mac just fails at gaming. Anyways I use cross over games, sense my PC's video card decided to go down the drain I play on my mac on the time being. I'm not sure if cross over could be the link to the connection problem but I'm giving all the information to you to see the problem through.

(yeah don't hassle me on the mac thing. I usually don't do this)

oh also i'm thinking about a nice video card, any good ones. I've been think about a nice nvidia
Title: Re: A Auto disconnect
Post by: celebrateart on January 19, 2009, 04:33:45 am
ah never mind on the problem.
I just got bootcamp running windows on my mac.

I rather have my PC back but eh I'll have to wait.