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Announcements / PHP/MySQL Temporarily Offline
« on: May 13, 2006, 03:09:57 pm »
Well I did encounter one problem (since I do use MySQL for my blog script). In every one of my posts and pages there are

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: December 26, 2005, 11:21:56 pm »
Site Update:
It's been a while since I've said anything and I thought I should let you know that I'm still currently working on the site and my recent spill of inactivity (at least with the online part, I have been working on it feverishly offline in the little time I have) doesn't mean of lost intrest in the site itself.

Currently however I'm redoing everything (I thought I liked the layout and the color scheme, but now that I've started on my first comic it doesn't seem to fit right) and adding the banners now that I have my tablet, the ones up now are just placeholders. The site itself should be up within maybe 2 weeks, I might be a little swamped because I have to take my road test next week to get my license. But somewhere around the middle of Janurary you could expect the grand unveiling (which I will announce on here of course).

I've changed the site name to "Phantom White Studio" instead of just "Another Hopeless Adventure" which is the main comic, instead I wanted the site to showcase all of my work at once. I'm currently working on my practice comic "Diamond Pepperoni" then starting on "Another Hopeless Adventure" when that gets off the ground (I'm still working on the script with that.).

Well, just thought I would keep you updated.

Web Design / Some Special Help.
« on: December 02, 2005, 11:25:06 pm »
Oh and I have the html code I created if you would like to see it. I can email it.

Web Design / Some Special Help.
« on: December 02, 2005, 11:11:54 pm »
I'm really quite new to the whole HTML type of thing and in the past couple of days I have been running a couple of ideas through my head on how I want my site to function and look. So far I have finalized at least one of the ideas of a news post type of thing on the front page that I'm going to need a little help on coding and inserting into the code itself so it works properly.

It is nothing too complex:
I just want a table with a header, a date/time header, and a picture off the the side above the news post itself. The news post will be on the page with other news posts with their own headers and then an archive page because at the bottom it would say, Past News and would link to 5 or more news posts from the pasts.

Maybe I sound like a babbling idiot here, so let me draw it out and express myself in the only way I know best.

Color Code:
The Red- The things I would like to stay stationary.
The Blue- The table for the news post, as you can see the date is on the top and then the title is on the bottom, they both should reflect the date posted and the title given to the text file for the news post. The large space to the right is the picture box. More than one of course and spaced out.
The Teal- Is the space alloted to move for the news posts, it moves with the rest of the page so it is not a frame the Green areas will push down to support the space for the news posts.
The Green- push down so the news posts can be shown.

Does that make any sense? Can anyone make a script for that?

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 21, 2005, 10:10:59 pm »

I would like to also point out something, that everyone seems to DEMAND equality. You see it everyday, people want this and this to be equal, they wanted to be treated the same. That's kind of what Communism did in a sense in the purest of forms and that was through the abolishment of social classes which both of us can see cause many problems of unequality in Capitalistic societies.

I don't think equality exists at all, people are different in all manners and any attempt to make them all the same would surely fail without some kind of outside intervention, which wouldn't be equality anyways because you would still have to distinct classes the controllers and the controlled. I read an intresting book about this a while back, I forgot the name for it was a WHILE back in the 6th grade or so, but I remember the premise. It set down that equality could not be achieved unless there was an average to reach, the smart would be less smart and the less smart would be more intelligent but not anymore intelligent than the average, the mean of society. There would have to be something to control that equality, like almost a State that controls what is intelligence and what isn't. Communism brings benefits to the State which is immuned to their own Communistic philosophies it seems.

It would probably destroy human existence and what makes it so great, the ability to be unequal and to succeed.

But what I meant to point out with that is some people desire Communistic properties in their government, and that's the demand for things to be equal, for everyone to be equal.


EDIT: I was tired when I wrote this so if it sounds like its just a bunch of structured rambles, its because it is.

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 17, 2005, 08:25:02 pm »
Quote from: Aetre
i think the applicant is fine and all, but i would like to point out to any socialists or would-be socialists, read the book, The Road To Serfdom by Hayek. it's a 200-page systematic disproof of just about everything marx ever said. and it is beautiful.
Never said I was a socialist, I was simply touching on both things. I'll have to pick that book up on my next run though, along with a couple other books..."Beyond Good and Evil" "Thus Spoke Zarthusa" (both by Neitzche) and "Origin of Species" (by of course my main naturalist homie Charles Darwin).

I like Marx though, he was just speaking from his point of view of the time, he wasn't a rich man speaking for the poor working man in hope for political gain, he was a peasent fincially supported by Fredrich Engles (co-writer and editor of all of Marx's work).

But I don't agree with everything he said, however he did have alot of wise things to say on the other hand. However, most of his ideas got turned on their head and mutated. I mean I would rather work for communal gain in some cases and in individual gain in others. So I'll put it down like this:

Marx is interesting.

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 16, 2005, 11:47:29 pm »
I can also do one on capital punishment if you want.

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 15, 2005, 04:29:36 am »
I'm going to take another approach to this situation and do something that I have been thinking up for a while.

The Possibilites of Communism Actually Working and the Reasons Why It Failed

This however is going to touch all over Capitalism, Anarchy, and Communism as a whole and the political agenda of the world at the time. I would like to point out even though that I am currently intrested in Karl Marx (I own both his Das Kapital and Communist Manifesto books), I'm not a Communist. In fact I'm not really anything more than an observer, an "observationist". And I think that is one the best stances you can take towards politics, observing.

Major Points:
- The time, the place, and the people involved in making Communism happen.
- The fact that every other country instead of helping Communist leaders did everything they could to stop it.
- Communist ideas vs. Capitalist connotation
- Corruption in the State and the mutation of the ideas to benefit the State.
- Western Idealism vs. Eastern Philosophy.

Why didn't Communism work? Why did it collapse in on itself only after 80 years of being carried out as a governemnt?

I have had a couple theories on why it is possible that Communism could have actually worked or have been an elaborate experiment created by Karl Marx to show that true equality can not be enacted alongside freedom. Freedom and equality is an oxymoron because think of it like this: If a person is truly free than he is free to not hold the ideals of equality, to discriminate, to eliminate what's different, to prejudge, he is "free" to do that, but he is not equal. Maybe Marx was trying to show through Communism that when everything is eliminated, social structure, race, income, special priveleges, intelligence, jobs, all of the things that define a person then that person is truely equal with his fellow man, but not free to seek a higher job, intelligence, income, to hold his racial beliefs above others, to be on a greater social platform.

Communism was a rushed political belief centered in a time of great change in Europe. Everyone was having a revolution, an industrial revolution, a self-determination revolution, empires were crumbling and breeding new states, new ideas, new situations. But why did Communism decide to surface in Russia? Why did V.I. Lenin take his Marxian beliefs to one of the most ass backwards countries in Eurasia, what was the benefit of a nation that had only begun to take on Industrialism (which is one of the main reasons Communism surfaced)? Did he not see that he would fail miserably? Hindsight I guess is 20/20 in some respects but he should have kept it in Germany or spread it some other way. It was also the wrong time, exactly the right time for Communism to rise, but the wrong time for Communism to work.

But all of that aside. What was really that horrific about Communism? When people think of Communism they think of shackles, death, corruption, Josef Stalin, the Cold War. The horrible connotation of what is only half truth.

Think about this, everybody is equal and all that you work for goes towards to benefit of the community. When you work, make your shoes, you don't get capital, instead your child goes to school and he learns for free, instead you get a free hospital visit, free surgery, free medicine, free housing, free food, all the basic necesseties for human life are paid for (which the necessities were learned in 7th grade science, water, food, shelter, etc.). Look at things now in the US. There isn't such things like that, everything has a price. Is that always good? To put a price on the possibility of life thriving through medicine, to put a price on the future of a community who depends on education to survive but if it is not paid for it slowly crumbles? Is it right to make people pay to live, to survive?

Communism is always looked at from a psuedo-capitalistic view, the opposite of Capitialism is Communism so it seems only right that something like that would happen. Communism, you aren't free, you can't be an entrepenuer, but you aren't poor. Capitalism you have this immense freedom, but you are poor or you are rich or you are middle class, there is such a line of disparity in Capitalism, if you don't suceed you ultimately fail and there is nothing you can do, there will be a failure. Hope is in Capitalism, hoping to not fail. So is it so bad to have so much security in Communism, the promise you will always have a job no matter what it is, or do people feel that being chosen for you job is wrong.

Why so?

It happens all the time in Capitalism but people fail to see it. You could go to college for years upon years and study advanced medicine, but if your labor skill isn't needed then there is no job for you so the jobs that are avaliable are filled. The more of a job there is the more likely thats the job you are going to take that job. For example:

You go to college, because thats the predesitination of every adult in a Capitalistic society, and you work towards getting your degree in like what I mentioned before medicine. But so is everyone else. So you have competition to try and be better than your rivals in the same field. Does it make you become better through competition? Sometimes. But most often times than not it leads to corruption. And when you do get out of college and your jobs are taken you have nothing but a skill you competitively worked hard for and nothing to do with it. So you take the jobs that aren't taken, hamburger flipper, trash man, etc. The supply and demand of jobs determines which job you get, you don't choose, capitalism chooses for you. There is no job security, there are no garuntees.

So shouldn't Capitalism be associated with loss, freedom, insecurity, oppression?

How is Capitalism oppressive? Because in a Capitalistic society there are the poor and the rich, the weak and the strong, the boss and his workers. The boss collects his profit and the workers work for him. He opresses them, he tells them what to do, they no longer make their own decisions. Is that truly free? Why does he not get down and work with his workers, instead he uses them.

The weak depend on the strong, the poor depend on the rich. And as long as the rich are around there will be poor. So what is so wrong with the dissolvement of social structure? To make everyone equal, is that so wrong? To abolish the rich who do the opressing and the poor who are being opressed?

When people think of Communism they get the wrong idea completely. They think of a big war machine, nuclear weaponary, and mass deaths. But that is a mere mutation of Communism brought on by bother Josef Stalin and V.I. Lenin. The real Communism was never practiced anywhere on the face of the planet. Does that mean that it is impossible? No. But did everyone try to make it as hard as humanly possible for it to work? Yes. That's why it mutated, so it could survive. Communism was no longer Communism, it was Stalinism, corruption of the State as a whole, the creation of secret police, the fierce action that needed to be taken so Russia wouldn't lose its battle...but why did it recieve so much flak? Why couldn't ideas such as Communism been accepted and helped along? Is Democracy and Capitalism the only way?

Stalin was corrupt, he gave Communism a bad name.

All be it Communism destroyed the idea of evolution, something that I myself strongly believe in. It didn't allow for any progressing because most progression happens when you have to adapt to be better. It is human nature to be better than those around you, to be the top, and if you are not then you are weak, and not fit, so therefore you fail at "Survival of the Fittest". Communism is against human nature, while Capitalism embraces it, that seems to be my only problem with it myself.

Why has Communism worked better in the Far East than it did in the west, take Communist China for example. it leads to world in population yet it is one of the most controlled and "successful" Communist states still around. Why is that? Is it Eastern philosophy, the ability to accept life for what it is and take into consideration of who it would help? Eastern humbleness?

Why wouldn't the Chinese just overthrow their government if their was something so wrong with it, we are talking 2 billion people, each person would just have to grab up a knife and you could practically stab their way through the government. Why haven't they held democratic elections? Why haven't they turned into a primarily Capitalistic country (although they have changed a bit to work into the framework of the rest of the world)?  Could Communism really work?

Theoritcally, Communism could be the best idea out there. Most people would not agree I'm sure, I wouldn't either if it were for the simple fact that it is the only government that promotes TRUE equality. We keep going on and on about it in our country, but it is never going to happen, if you want TRUE equality than you are a Communist. If you are a Capitalist you believe in Freedom.

I'm neither. By nature I have to be a Capitalist. But if I had a choice I would be nothing except a Survivalist.

I hope you enjoyed it, it took my quite a while to write this up. I didn't really try to "sell" you on anything but just give you a broad look at things from multiple perspectives, its what I do in my life. Just observe and allow multiple perspectives to be shown.

I'm going to sleep.

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 14, 2005, 11:39:54 pm »
Quote from: Xepher
Quote from: Sol_Dynamite
Hah, okay, I didn't mean to make up the other quotes but you kept it open ended so I brought it up on myself to give each of the quotes my own twist.
No no... you weren't supposed to know them all or get them all "right."

Oh, and I meant for you to give complete quotes, but I can see how I might not have been clear on that... We'll play it this way anyway.

1. I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were... a hair dryer and a toaster.

2. Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex... and how much sex there is at the fair.

3. For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to... inventory.

4. A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that... being convinced of something does not always make one right. (faith does not prove anything?)

5. A pair of powerful spectacles has sometimes sufficed to... make every man feel important.

6. Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man Is either a fool or a coward. Whoever can not take care of himself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailent, If I live, I WILL kill you. If I die, you are forgiven. Such is the... nature of anarchy.

7. I don't have a girlfriend. But I do know a woman who'd be... willing to consider an offer.

8. I love to go to the schoolyard and watch the children jump and scream, but they... never seem to get anywhere with politics.

9. If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is... that he made God angry.

10. Capit a magnus vir flere , tamen capit a maior vir... atque potest ex casa magnus vir exire. (Couldn't figure out the meaning for "flere" or "tamen" so I had to guess at bit at the meaning)

And the poem I love to quote...
Quote from: Ogden Nash
The wombat lives across the seas,
Among the far Antipodes.
He may exist on nuts and berries,
Or then again, on missionaries;
His distant habitat precludes
Conclusive knowledge of his moods,
But I would not engage the wombat
In any form of mortal combat.
Okay, final round. Sell me on a political or religious viewpoint you hold.
Okay I'll try and "sell" you.

Number 4 you got absolutely correct with the words in the parenthesis. Friederich Nietzsche, one of the philosophers I'm currently reading up on.

1. The Late Great Rodney Dangerfield 2. Karl Marx 3. Karl Marx 4. Friedrich Nietzsche 5. Friedrich Nietzche 6. Lamb of God "Omerta" 7. Mitch Hedberg 8. Jack Handey 9. Jack Handey 10. Jack Handey too translated into Latin. It was "It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man."

I'll get on to the political selling later tonight however my brother has decided that he needs to computer for an hour or two. I'm thinking about either trying to explain Atheism or explain morality, or maybe the ability to pro-choice with restrictions to certain situations. I just don't want to come in with my strongly kept beliefs and make charges at other people who may hold the opposite, I tend to do that, so I'll try and make sure I keep it to something that isn't WAY important. Because belief in god and belief in morals are very important to some people and I don't know if you would take strong offence if I decided to "sell" you on something like that.

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 14, 2005, 06:31:49 pm »
Quote from: Xepher
Time is an illusion... Lunchtime doubly so. (From the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.)

Soylent green is... PEOPLE! (Soylent Green)

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight... His punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but... because they tell us dragons can be beaten.

Having greater intelligence is a lot like having four-wheel drive... it just gets you stuck in more remote places.

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light... I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night.

I mean, come on. Love is just a bunch of exaggerations and lies, all dolled up in pseudo-poetic language, uttered preferably while intoxicated, and all for the singular, universal purpose of... you know. (Funny scene from Andromeda)

It's just a jump to the left... And then a step to the riyiyight... Let's do the time warp again! (Rocky Horror Picture Show... Chipmunk's cover of it is hilarious.)

A rigorous framework for nonperturbative quantization of diffeomorphism-invariant gauge theory... (I'm not even going to try, but I am surprised you found the actual subject matter even.)

Cathain a thiocfadh t

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 14, 2005, 03:52:42 pm »
Quote from: Xepher
Finish the following quotes:

Time is an illusion...

Soylent green is...

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight...

Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but...

Having greater intelligence is a lot like having four-wheel drive...

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light...

I mean, come on. Love is just a bunch of exaggerations and lies, all dolled up in pseudo-poetic language, uttered preferably while intoxicated, and all for the singular, universal purpose of...

It's just a jump to the left...

A rigorous framework for nonperturbative quantization of diffeomorphism-invariant gauge theory...

Cathain a thiocfadh t

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 14, 2005, 04:43:28 am »
Quote from: Xepher
Okay, the few art samples you provided are at least a bit interesting, but as you said, not enough to go on. So... Challenge it is.

For the first part, let's start with Diprotodon. Educate me (us) on it. While you're at it, some info for Procoptodon as well would be fun. And then imagine that you were going to be turned into monkey... well, let's make it any species of primate... which species would you prefer and why? Oh, and try and figure out why the phrase "Heisenberg was compensating" is funny.
Now I don't know what a Diprotodon or a Procoptodon is persay, I haven't ever heard of the word except that they would probably be some later era species of animal, like a Mastodon, the suffix "-don" kind of gives it that I'm going to do some research through wikipedia and paraphrase it on my own:

Diprotodon (not to nitpick but wikipedia redirected me from the Diprotodon page to the DiprotodonT page.)- Like I had mentioned above they were a later era marsupial during the times of the Mastodon that survived for about 1.6 million years until 50,000 years ago when they officialy became extinct. There have been a plethora of fossils found of this creatures in Australia primarily in grasslands and lower woodlands centered around the water which is typical behavior for an animal of its type.
What is important about the Diprotodon and is probably why I'm having to research this animal is because it was the largest marsupial to ever roam the Earth. An average sized Diprotodon were usually 2 meters talls and 3 meters in length however the only remotely close relative of the Diprotodon are Koalas or Wombats. Imagine that on a larger scale, a Diprotodon with it's immense height next to a short, stocky koala or wombat.
But how were the Diprtodon killed? How did they cease to exist? There are 3 theories but I myself would like to focus on the two main points: Human Hunting and Climate Change, which seem to be the reason for any extinction really.

The Diprotodon became extinct after the humans arrived on Australia about 50,000 years ago. This paticular theory is called the "Blitzkrieg Theory", like the Nazi Germany war machine the theory was named after, the humans took it upon themselves to hunt the Diprotodon native to Australia. Much like the Dodo bird or the almost nearly ex-endangered species the American Buffalo, the humans over hunted the Diprotodon. This theory is controversial however because it is seen as "simplistic" and "not enough evidence", but it makes sense, and that's about all you can make of things like that.

The second theory about climate is that Australia during the time that it broke off from Gondwana (the two supercontinents of Lurasia and Gondwana, Gondwana or Gondwanaland being the most southern of the two after Pangea broke apart.) was going through immense changes in rainfall amount. During the Ice Ages that broke out over the 1.6 million years they survived it never really caused any intense glaciation of Australia, instead long periods of cold and extremely dry weather which might have destroyed them in smaller amounts. However, critics seem to point out that large amounts survived many Ice Ages before and the peak period of climate change occured 25,000 AFTER they were extinct.

So how did the Diprotodon extinct? How many licks to the center of the tootsie pop? Are their aliens? If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and nobody is around to hear it does it still make a sound?

The world may never know, or they might just have the answers right above in two theoritical forms that make astounding and intellectual infrences on something that nobody could possibly know unless they were actually there to watch them die out. But you want to know my answer:

"President John F. Kennedy" Think about it.

(wow, after that one I think I'll only give a little bit about the Procoptodon. And I did NOT copy and paste any of this here is my refrence just so you know I'm trustworthy:  I put my blood into that page...woooo I'm tired.)

The Procoptodon was also during the same era (Pleistocene) as the Diprotodon and lived in Australia. They were a species of short faced kangaroos that stood at a huge 3 meters (talking like 9 feet).

As for the monkey question definetly an Orangutan (not announce orangaTANG, you know, with the southern twang to it), I mean just look at those guys, they sit around, bad posture, shirt off with a hairy chest, you could imagine like a beer in one hand sitting in a reclining chair just relaxing. Being totally laid back in that way is definetly something I could do, they just look like animals that could kick back and not have a care in the world. Plus as a kid I guess I have always had a thing for Orangutans, I don't know why they just appealed to me over any other type of primate. The gorilla just seems too tough and bad ass going around throwing shoulders and starting shit with people, the chimp just seems to wild, like crazy, where he would find himself causing mass hysteria inside a hotel ("Dunstin Checks In" reference) and if they look better than me in people clothes that's a definite turn off, and any other monkeys of a smaller stature just seem really annoying, like that kid in class who is always chirping in his high pitched whiny prepubscent voice and you just want to punch him in his throat.

So orangutans, because I'm laid back, just real mellow, they seem to be that way. And I wouldn't mind some lanky arms, that would be bitchin'.

Why is "Heisinburg is compensating" funny? I would go with the President Kennedy theory this time too, but nobody likes a conspiracist. So here is my take on why it is without doing any research on Heisinburg:

Media brainwashing and the right timing with the use of the phrase.
-Media brainwashing because I mean that's what the media does to you, it tells you the people what is funny, maybe Heisinburg is compensating is meaningless but the media puts a dancing panda with it or a spinning flame wheel of doom going towards a castle of the French with them screaming in their crazy language about sausages and rice cakes and its an immediate classic. It would be all over the internet and a pop-culture icon, there would be "I Love the (insert year here)" show and there would be a whole ten minutes of it with multiple comedians screwing the the words and making their own little comments on that era. That is comedy right there. I mean I WOULD probably think that phrase is hilarious then. The media made you think it is.
-The right timing is always what makes something unfunny, funny. The right context too. I mean your not going to go to a math convention and pull that joke out to a bunch of algebra nerds, they'd probably kick your ass, and you wouldn't go to a funeral or a really banging party with booze and chicks and try to break the ice with that joke, I mean especially at a funeral. "Wow...Frank looks so peaceful, you know Jill, this got me thinking..." "What Steve?" "HEISINBURG WAS COMPENSATING!" "I'm sleeping with your bestfriend." It just can't work, you need timing, you need an audience who understands, who is Heisinburg? What does Heisinburg stand for? Who knows about him? Who would get the joke at the right time and with the right group of people? What is the right time? What is the right group of people?

That's it for the first part of the challenge for me, I hope you enjoy my answers, this took a good hour to write up and I'm quite tired, its around midnight and I'm totally going to crash.

Thank you Cleveland.

And Goodnight.

Applications / Death
« on: November 13, 2005, 06:55:33 pm »
Great art, I wish I had a tablet to do that on because unfortunately I would never be able to do that in mouse, it reminds me of another webcomic artist to an extent who does almost exactly the same thing. And none of the violence or the nudity that I saw in your pictures seemed distasteful at all, which I thought was admirable. The story also sounds mighty intresting, the multiple personalities and the psychosis structure of the plot make it seem like it could get extremely deep and intellectual, that is always a plus.

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 12, 2005, 10:45:21 pm »
"The Challange" was mentioned in the guidelines for writing an application, which I thought would actually be pretty intresting to try out.

Hah, oh and I didn't mean that all 15 and 16 year olds aren't that way, I was just making a broad generalization. It just seemed from what I saw as I read other applications just alot of higher quality, professional type of artwork you would see with an adult who has had many more experiences than me and a greater talent. I'm ready to progress further and develop more, so I didn't want to seem like my work that I showcased was my peak.

Applications / "Another Hopeless Venture" (The Comic)- Application
« on: November 12, 2005, 03:41:36 pm »
Your absolutely correct on the showing a bit more work thing, that is why I have opted for "The Challenge" because honestly I have nothing really to show off at the moment. However, I was thinking that I would do a short one page, two page comic and post it up here to show at least something to everyone. It's not going to be about my comic, which I would like to keep as under wraps as possible, but maybe like a "Comic 0", with gunfights and speedlines...something quick and actiony (Another Hopeless Venture is more like a humorous take on real life situations kind of thing so I doubt you would see any of those types of scenes all the time).

I'll get on that and have it around Monday night or so. I still want to take "The Challenge" though, it just sounds like a great idea to me.

"Diprotodon." Heh.

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