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Applications / Study Abroad Journal Site and Art Site
« on: September 21, 2006, 07:28:19 pm »

I was afraid I'd have to deal with Tripod or something. You are a golden god. I shall not fail you!

Good luck with the interview.

Applications / Study Abroad Journal Site and Art Site
« on: September 21, 2006, 03:52:55 pm »
Alright, now I'm in a bind. As you can probably see, the 25th of this month is quickly approaching. It's only 4 days away! Come the 26th, I'll be in Japan.

Referring to previous comments, that site I made for that college project isn't available to put up anywhere. I don't have it on my computer. Nor would I have any space to put it up if I did. So you can really only take my word for it. But trust me, you wouldn't have been very impressed by its visual design... which was nonexistant. I was just trying to say that html isn't some foreign concept to me, and that I don't need "tools."

So, since Xepher hasn't seemed to have taken a look at this application like he told me he would (or maybe he just said he'd "try." I can't remember), I need somewhere else to go to make a quick website. Any suggestions? Nobody I talk to on a regular basis has any real experience in these matters, except for my sister who is rather busy with her new life. Tripod seems to be giving me constant errors when I'm simply trying to sign up or log in or do anything beyond view the home page really, and that won't do, because I'd like to put pics larger than 200k up (though I suppose I'll give it a look anyway). So, since you guys are mostly website developers, I assume you all know where a decent place to go would be.


EDIT: Alright, isn't accepting new signups. So much for that.

Applications / Study Abroad Journal Site and Art Site
« on: August 24, 2006, 10:48:59 pm »
Quote from: Munerift
As your sister's probably already told you, Xepher's hosting doesnt have any pre-built pages or automated tools for you to use; once you've got hosting the magic is creating the site yourself.
Alright, let me try to re-explain some points I think are important to note.

First, as I previously explained, I'm a computer science major with experience with html. I put together a site with dynamic web pages that changed according to the privelages of a user who logged in, using all raw HTML and jsp (a sort of java-injected HTML thing used for dynamic pages). I doubt I'll be doing anything so complex here, and I think it sufficiently proves that I don't NEED automated tools. I just need to make it look pretty this time. As an artist, I can't imagine I'll have TOO much trouble with that. It might be minimalistic, but it won't be ugly, I can promise that.

Now, there's the pressing issue of time. I'm leaving for Japan on the 25th of next month. That's only really one month away. I don't have TIME to put together a whole other site somewhere else that I won't actually use because it exists just to get a webspace here. Sure, I'll have access to a computer while in Japan, but I'll have a far easier time here with my own computer to get something up and running beforehand, which is what I'd like to do.

Does all this make sense?

Applications / Study Abroad Journal Site and Art Site
« on: August 23, 2006, 05:58:35 pm »
Quote from: dragyn
Well....the art didn't look too bad, from what I saw.  I don't think that's a site you made yourself...which I think is what Frosting's was saying we need.
Yeah. I said already that I haven't made a site, and that the gallery is on my sister's site.

Applications / Study Abroad Journal Site and Art Site
« on: August 22, 2006, 01:58:25 am »
Well, I posted the picture I was talking about on the gallery I linked to, plus another sketch of some weapons. Take a look, if you like.

Applications / Study Abroad Journal Site and Art Site
« on: August 20, 2006, 11:34:48 pm »
Alright, in that case my username will be "darlos", obviously.

As for website building... as far as really designing a complete site goes, I've never really accomplished that. But, I'm a Computer Science major with a pretty decent amount of experience in html, especially after a recent class where we had to make a web application. I actually handled the front-end site building, so I guess you could say I've created a website. But, with only half a semester's worth of time to work on it, plus the other things that were giong on, I didn't really make it look as... pretty as I would have liked to. But if I could, I would have. I have an eye for the asthetic.

As for a display of my art, you can go here, which is my art gallery on my sister's (Jai'byrd's) site:

I knew I should have given that in the first place... Unfortunately, I haven't really come up with much NEW new stuff recently, so I was sort of at odds about showing that gallery. But, its something, and I don't have any other gallery. I've just recently been working on a real full picture for once, and I'll put it up at that gallery when its finished, which will probably be tomorrow night.

Applications / Study Abroad Journal Site and Art Site
« on: August 20, 2006, 04:31:26 am »
Username: darlos

Well, after much work and deliberation, I've finally managed to get myself to The Motherland (aka Japan). Come this September 25th, I will be studying abroad at Nagoya University in Japan for a full year. Being in the land that gave birth to so many of the things I enjoy in life, I want to be able to share my experiences with the many friends and family I will be leaving behind. I haven't even left, and I'm already feeling the effects of distance, as now my friends are off to college, cavorting and having fun without me.

So, I would like to set up a webspace before I leave, where I can do some blogging on my experiences, and post the many photos I'm sure I will take with the new digital camera that I got for my birthday. Furthermore, I am an avid artist, and not only do I have some things to showcase now, but I will almost certainly be drawing quite a bit during my stay in the mysterious east. In the distant future, when I finally get up off my lazy butt and start drawing the comic/manga I always said I would, this webspace would probably come in handy as well.

You can rest assured that this website would be updated frequently, as I'll probably have lots to say on my experiences, and will probably be taking pictures on a daily basis (everything from the beautiful to the bizarre, I'm sure). Then, of course, there will be me just uploading pictures I've drawn.

Heck, in the future, I might even use the site to release the simple yet clever (at least I think it's clever) shoot-em-up game I've started working on now and will continue to work on throughout my stay. My major interest in life is video game development, and I'd like a place to showcase my endeavors into that field.

I have to say that I could do a lot with a space here, both now and in the future. So, what say you, mighty Xepher? Shall I be allowed into these hallowed halls?

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