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A whimsical subject inspired by a recent near encounter...

I was at church this morning and spotted a 20-something Asian woman I didn't know sitting in the rearmost pew; she didn't wear goggles or a scarf, but she did have a daisy shaped hair pin just like the one here and worn in the same place.  Alas, I didn't get to ask her about it, as during the final hymn she departed early - through the door or otherwise.

So, have any of you spotted Jenny passing through your universes lately?
Damn, other people are writing Jenny Everywhere stories - I'm losing my excuses for blowing off my writing!

That's a joke of course, but like all humor with a grain of truth; there's nothing that inspires action like knowing that others are doing the same thing.

Thanks for the comic, El Presidente.  As far as the spelling mistakes go, believe me when I say I understand those.  Would you want any typoes we spot pointed out?  I did realize that "sammerreye" was intentional dialectic transcription, of course...eventually.
Bravo!  Honestly, the first page alone stands as a micro-story in its own right.  Well done.
Ah, that makes sense, yes - like Fesworks, I didn't quite follow Pirate Lepricorn's earlier post.  I agree; letting everyone make something featuring Jenny Everywhere and hoping that 24 pages of it turn out to be usable product seems like the best route.  (As an example of the other approach, note that the Miss Adventure story over on Comic Jam seems to have stalled out after four pages.)  Working in parallel seems more likely to produce results than working serially.

I've shown that I produce prose fiction occasionally.  Fesworks is a co-ordinator, web maven, and artist.  Perhaps Pirate Lepricorn will draw something.  How about you, El Presidente?  Do you have any particular areas of talent?
I'm up for prose, of course.  If any of the ones I've done to date suit your idea of how the book should be, I'm in right now; it's not as if they'll get read less by being copied onto dead trees, right?  I don't have a new but unseen story ready to go right now, only a few fragments and ideas; there's no telling when something might come together, though.

Is text actually more expensive to print than art?  I've never tried micropublishing a comic, so I'm a bit lost on how this works.  I'd love to have some printed Jenny Everywhere material, though.  Somehow things you print out yourself never seem as real as published works.

I'm at a loss, right now, to think what I could contribute to an anthology comic.  A one page pin-up or portrait is probaby within my artistic skills, but such a thing would be better as a standalone piece than as part of a comic, wouldn't it?
No problem; I'm just glad I noticed that the old draft versions were still hanging around.  If I figure out how to put up my html instead of google's stripped-out version, so much the better.

It's nice to see more Jenny pieces are being done, out in the wilds of the internet - the archive has things from just a few days ago.

I'll keep thinking about Jenny stories, but nothing's come together yet.
While many really talented artists have tackled Jenny Everywhere stories, I am not one of those skillful artists.  However, I can type and so have produced prose fiction; you can read Camera Shy on my Jenny site now.

My apologies to anyone who looked there earlier; I had forgotten that I'd left draft copies of the earlier two stories up there until I checked in for probably the first time this year.  That's now been corrected; more polished and better formatted versions are available.

PS: Checking again with Firefox rather than IE, it seems google sites is doing something odd with formatting.  Everything is readable, but it's not perfectly pretty yet.  Please be patient while I sort that out.
After having thought about it a day or two, I decided the text worked better without any distracting art anyway.  Should I change my mind, I'll go looking.  Thanks, though.

As for I Am Geek...  Your webcomic sucked up hours of my life as I had to go through the whole thing from the beginning!  Perhaps it says something about me that I've seen these behaviours in my own friends.  It helps to know the lifestyle from the inside, as in Faans and Devil's Panties; we couldn't make up people like these, could we?
Well, I'm verbally oriented so wordless art doesn't always do it for me; the script, along with what art did get done, told the story for me just fine.

This may be an odd question, but since it's not being used, are there any limitations on that art?  While I was catching up on my prose stories it occurred to me that the panel on page two of three Jennies together could be repurposed as illustration for Second Date.  Would that be cool or is it spoken for?

(My own latest work, Camera Shy, awaits only my conquest of Open Office's convert-to-html feature, possibly in armed combat.  I'll mention it on the board.)

BTW, I've just an hour or two back discovered I Am Geek; now I have yet another webcomic to keep up on!
Good question.  The easy answer is that Jenny decides, but that doesn't tell the rest of us anything.  Indeed, the very idea of 'democratically elected' raises questions when all the candidates are in some sense the same person and the potential electorate is infinite.  Maybe it's more like a popularity contest or many volunteer groups, where a Jenny who's into networking and doing council stuff works her way into more central positions.  Or maybe it's like jury duty and random samples of Jenny get plucked out of their worlds to sit on the council for a while.
While commenting on works in progress has obvious limits, I felt I just had to speak up on this one.  Benj, you rock!  I'm looking forward to the completed version of this, but your script says it all.  I'd never imagined a council of Jennies, but out of infinite universes some of them must dig formalities and organization, right?  Also, it's fun to watch Jennies disagreeing with herselves.

There's something delightfully surreal about group scenes with only Jenny Everywhere.

For anyone who's somehow not seen this, the incomplete version is here and you should check it out.

(Fixed link)