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Hosting Q&A / Mixed content from various minds?
July 12, 2010, 11:34:05 AM
While I'm at it, I'll also take this moment to properly introduce myself, seeing how I just registered.


Now we're acquainted!

Now, onto more serious topics (though, be warned: I tend to get carried away with writing, so this post might be a tad bit stretched....). Xepher had been haunting in the back of my mind ever since I found out some webcomics I enjoy are hosted here. Now suddenly when I find myself in a need of one, I remembered this. The reason why I'm not applying yet is simply because it'll still take a while for the project to get set up, and I want to make sure beforehand this is the right place :3

I speak on behalf of a small group of creative minds (three of us, including me), who have all had history in making webcomics, creative writing and whatnot. Two out of three have problems with regular updates, though, seeing how there's a bajillion things to catch our interest, and each project or webcomic needs it's own space, maintenance, et cetera. So out of the blue comes the idea to combine our efforts and create a single entity to cover our needs.

What I'm rambling on about would be a site much like, let's say, Snafu comics, Fireball20XL – or even Petite Symphony (if I remember the name right), with a shared front page with updates from all parties involved.


-The main thing is if you as the host would be willing to spare some space for a mixed project like this. Regular updates would go for granted with three artists on the group, so no problem with activity in the foreseeable future.

-Also, the combined knowledge of us three is pretty much limited to tricks on HTML, so we have next to no idea on how to go about creating the site itself as a functional pretty little entity. This is more of a request for advice how to proceed on such occasion. Simply put – I'm lost :c

Of course there's always tricks and alternatives and alternatives to alternatives, but I'd like to hear some opinion and advice from people who seem to know what they are doing :3