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Requested Username: djfenix
Email: zzfenix at hotmail dot com

***Skip this part if you want the short, serious version***

Really, that's the title.... (well, the current sub-title)
Cuz, honestly!  What's the point of a title that sounds "cool" or "meaningful" if the site might be lame?  Why not have a funny/lame/ridiculous title, so that nobody expects much, then BAM... it really is crap... >.>

Seriously though.  The title has no meaning (or, well, possibly you're reading the site from the crapper, or whatnot, and, well, you're taking a loooong time... please ignore the smell).  The site's focus is art.  Namely, my art.  Why else would I request a personal site if it's not my art?  And well, there wont be just art!  I'm gonna have a long winded blog.  Not some sorta emo blog where i tell everyone how pathetic life is.  Face it, all our lives are crappy, we all suck, and we all hate everything.  Deal with it.  Do i seem like an angry person?  I'm not an angry person, really, i just like to rant a lot.

Oh, and am I ranting annoyingly now?  I hope not... that might affect my registration approval... i hope i'm still not talking... no... i'm still typing... i'll stop >_>;;;

***Stop Skipping the post***

Anyways... really, i'm serious now.  Yeah, my focus is art, and some sort of philosophical blog where i discuss things that bugs me.  I'm also currently planning a comic, so that'll probably go up there too.  To show my HTML skills, i have a relatively old site:
I have other layouts too, if you want to take a look, just request it on this thread here, and I'll some others real quick.  This one is just that last site i bothered making, because of all those crappy web hosts out there.

The art on that page is rather... old.  3 Years and then some, in fact.  My art can be seen at :
I wanna ditch the deviant art and put everything on the site, though, since DA isn't all that fun anymore.  I've muched improved from the old days.

btw... that whole rant up there was to boast originality and was purely there for entertainment....... as for the title, it's gonna constantly change, so let's just leave the title as  >_>;;;