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Applications / Mysterious Ways: A Divine Comedy
October 27, 2013, 04:37:56 AM
Username: mwadc
Email: dpiros at
Site Description:
The site is for my web serial, Mysterious Ways: A Divine Comedy, currently located at For now, the site is updating every other week, but it's going to move to a weekly schedule once I have a good buffer built up.


MW:ADC is a science fiction + fantasy web serial that seeks to defy conventions. It rejects the stock fantasy setting, and instead focuses on a world with both magic and advanced (a decade or two past our world) technology. It mixes humor and philosophy, with the aim to entertain first and foremost, but optionally to provide readers with a new way to look at life and encourage them to question things they take for granted.
The story centers on a group of mortal gods trying to uncover the grand secrets of the universe, and find their place within it.

The group includes (not all have appeared yet):

  • Alex-- A fire god who tends to alternate between too-light-hearted and nervous breakdown (I suspect bipolar disorder). He's also an angel, and a Wiccan (Eclectic Witch, technically).
  • Lucifer-- A 'cubi god of Truth who insists morals are a mere societal construct, and hold people down. He enjoys inflicting mental torture on people, and eating souls deep-fried in peanut butter.
  • Tanner-- An adorable were-kitty god of naps. Enjoys napping, tummy rubs, and more napping.
Also staring:

  • AIINACS-- a sentient A.I., and fierce GNU/Linux supporter. Released most of his source code under a modified version of the GPL that forbids porting it to Windows or OS X.

Basically, it's a wild, ridiculous story that explores the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, and provides commentary on religion and society. And makes fun of things.

About me:

I started writing about three and a half years ago, after I ran out of good books to read. Two years ago, I self-published my first novel, Project New Age, which is available on, and has sold a whopping total of three copies!! <sarcasm>Yay!! What a success!!</sarcasm>

Yeah, turns out, marketing is everything. Nobody knew about my book, so nobody bought it. After luring several potential customers to the site (with promises of virtual BACON!!), hearing how much they love the preview chapters up there, and then hearing "I don't have much money...", I decided the hell with being a professional author. I don't want to make money off my writing; I just want to write, and have a devoted cultgroup of readers to give feedback and praise and worship me. For that, I figured a web serial was the ideal solution.

On that note, one of the main reasons I'm attracted to is because of the community. And the newsbox. DMFA (for a while longer), Project Future, Last Resort, and other great works are hosted here, with a newsbox on each page, full of links to other creative and wonderful sites. I found both Project Future and Last Resort from the newsbox on DMFA. And it lists all sites equally, unlike sites like webfictionguide that show the popular stuff at the top, and the stuff that needs promotion at the end, where nobody ever sees it.

Okay, not really sure how much content I need to have on my site in order for you to make a decision, so if there's not enough up there, then I'll do The Challenge.

P.S. I'll give you virtual BACON!! if you accept me.
P.P.S. Since you're probably going to ask, I can assure you that I'm capable of managing the technical aspects of a website. I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineering major, have plenty of programming experience (though mostly in C++, not HTML and PHP), and I'm running Linux (which proves that I'm a geek).