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Applications / Plihthtown Man
May 19, 2006, 03:13:03 AM
Preferred User ID: GabrielsThoughts

e-mail questions and comments to:

Reason for applying to The reason I’m applying is that I have accumulated both knowledge and skills over the past several years that I would like to share with others. I am currently a college student, and all my funding earned or otherwise goes toward my education and shelter. When I discovered that you offered free web hosting I was elated because at this time it is the most I can afford. As I have backlogged pages I can easily update three times a week for over a year, and/or upload an archive of the first  issue and still have enough backlog to upload three times a week for a year.

I have taken college level classes for both Photoshop and Webpage Design, I was an A student, however I still am having problems with php and asp, for which I intend to get a “for dummies�  manual. Below are examples of what I intend the archive page to look like (a table with images linking to the first page of each issue), as well as well as examples of my midterm,  and final exam:
_Archive Idea,
_my Midterm,
_my class final with framest,

I intend to use this website to display my artwork in a public forum. It will be maintained by myself, or one of my friends or family members should I ever involve them in my endeavors. The comic itself is a variety comic  as such there is more than one Protagonist or Antagonist as the story develops. As the comic rolls forward there are several style changes, as in early 2000 my art skills were PPG and stick figure based and I am currently developing anthro style characters . Most of the stories are 15pages to 30pages in length for any protagonist, the first three stories take place in Halloween,  and the characters therein will eventually  meet and form a crack team. As it is a variety comic (think shonen jump, or twilight zone only at some point the characters meet in a crossover situation as part of  the third act. I did this so that each character gets a history and a unique life experience, or by luck it just turned out that way.) …Below is an example of one of my comics for evaluation purposes:

 _page3, _page4, _page5,
_page6, _page7, _page8,
_page9, _page10, _page11,
_page12,_page13,  _page14,
_page15, _page16, _page17,
_page18, _page19, _page20,
_page21, _page22, _page23,
_page24, _page25, _page26,
 _page27, _page28, _page29,
_page30, _page31, _page32,

A.N : I do plan on coloring most of the pages seen, and if  selected I will  try to update with color pages, just don’t hold your breath. As you probably have gathered from reading the comics the level of violence is minimal, however  I am a fan of the Happy Tree Friends and JTHM, so If I feel a werewolf, or zombie, or a mummy, or vampire, or some other unnaturally immortal cockroach needs an ass kicking I WILL make sure that they are vivisected in the most painless manner possible under a web 14 label… but only because they come back.

if there is any further information needed you can contact me through my email address or wait until I check back at the forum, I appologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.