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I just updated my site and I set all the file permissions right as they should be. I just can't get my banner to load. I don't know what's wrong. It might be something with it's file name. If you could help, I'd be really greatful.
And the file:
Technical Support / News Box, and index.php
August 13, 2006, 04:52:15 PM
Hello, Sorry to bother, but I'm facing this problem for days and no matter what I do, I can't get it fixed.

You see, I designed my site in HTML, and when it came to adding the NewsBox, I saved the page as php, and uploaded it to see how it works. But it doesn't work with the php file, although all my files are correctly linked and all are in the right folder.

So, as for now, I have uploaded the HTML version of the index file and am waiting for some help from you.
Is there anyways one can have the newsbox in an html file?
If not, what's wrong with my php file?

My site is

Applications / Art of Sanaz Sattari
June 24, 2006, 07:54:18 PM
Username: I'd like to get the username "sanaz", as it's my own name, everyone who wants to see my art, will remember it, and it's simple too. :)

Email: or
I check both everday.

Site Description: My site will be solely devoted to my art. And as it circles around character designing, it might also include the character descriptions and finished stories, but I'm aiming to show my art primarily.
It will have my drawings, painings and sketches. And the little comic I'm working on too.

Main Purpose: I'm a self taught artist. I know that alone isn't a big deal around the wrold, but it is where I live. Still that's not gonna make me special. Where I live, not many people draw the way I do, and even less accept and show what they're really doing. But I'm not gonno be like that, I want to show my art, cause that's who I am. Without it, my life, of which a third or more has been dedicated to improving my art so far, would be meaningless.
Next thing, is that, I know some people just like a genre and go fo it, getting real perfect in creating the best art in that genre, but what is important is to find your own genre, your own style. Belive me, it feels real great to hear someone tell you, "What's your style of drawing? I've never seen anything like it before." So, I wanna show my feelow artists that creating new styles, is hard, and will get more time to get you reconized
, but will be worth it in the end.
And the last thing, As I'm still improving my art, my work is very much dependant on the critiques that other people leave, and also the encouragements. So a site of my own, will help me a lot along the way. And also, I'd probably use my site as my portfolio, for I intend to continue my studies in art when I graduate from my current major, and I hope an independant site would be a bonus. :)

This is where I recently upload all my peices too.
Where I have put a number of my art pieces, but since now there’s only one upload allowed for free accounts, I really don’t feel like uploading there anymore.
Up-to-dated each season with my fantasy art only.

Okies, that's all. Thanks! :)