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Applications / Inaccurate Perdition application
« on: October 01, 2005, 12:25:04 am »
Site title: Inaccurate Perdition


E-mail: paperwolf12ATyahooDOTcom


Hummm, well this site will revolve around my comic, which takes place in the underworld. It's cartoony, so the violence is really mild and plot-related. Not like organs flying everywhere. X) I typed up the HTML myself, no templates were used, and all of the artwork is my own. There's just basic comic links, like the cast, archives n' stuff. I don't have mad 1337 PHP skillz sooo I can't have that automated update thing; I'll be updating the old fasioned way. ^^; It's nearly finished, just got one or two profiles to create. Anywho, thanks for the consideration!

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