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Name: Lindsey
Manga: Elimination
URL wanted:

Elimination is a Manga story that I, Lindsey, am creating, There are no partners, the story line, novel, and manga are being made by me.
I personally can admit that I am not very good at HTML work, so please do not be surprised that some of my sites are not of the best quality, I do try my best with the recourses I have.

The URL name that I would like to have would be: either Mythical Illusions or Elimination.

Elimination is a Novel but also a manga that I am making, each thing, the novel and the manga are both simaliar but share different aspects of the story.

Elimination is about an elf named Rindesei, and how she goes through her past and present. The Novel goes back futher then the Manga does into the past.

A list of all the main characters and short descriptions are here:

::Main Characters::

Rindesei- Class ::Royal Elf Warrior:: Main Character  Description: Green Blue long hair; Blue Pink eyes, Weapon of choice: Lengendary Dragon Jewel  (can munipulate multiple weapons) Royal Warrior Scar located across her eye with a gash like a dot  next to it indicating that she is a royal warrior.

Desuchini- rindesei's sister... Class ::Royal Elf Warrior:: although she really isn't the Warrior type. Weapon of choice: Traditional Medium sized Boomerang. Royal Warrior scar shaped like a moon under her left eye.

Chido and Jakukie - Rindesei's Human Friends:: Helps Rindesei with all sorts of human troubles such as school and even acting normal on the Streets.

Seanu- Rindesei
My internet name is Rindesei.
I'm 14 and I love to draw manga, surf, and read fantasy books.
I have a deviantart account (not to advertise)
but no personal site but my xanga one.

I hope to meet alot of people here since so many people come to Xepher with cool ideas I thought I could come here and learn a trick or two! =D