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July 26, 2006, 06:41:05 PM
Desired Username: Sylph


Hello! To introduce myself, my name is Julia [ though you can call me Jo ] and I would like to  create a site to host my literature [ such as poetry, short stories, etc. ] and occasional artwork/contests.  More of a personal website in which you can view my work and updates, it wouldn't be much of an interactive site. I doubt I'd be able to make daily updates, but definately reasonably spaced ones in which I could elaborate on my updates and post many things instead of single and multiple updates each day. I am quite young, but am an aspiring writer and am currently working on excersising my writing skills, and a website is just what I need for critique and personal use so I can keep record of what I've written and drawn/doodled. I've been looking for a permanent host like Xepher to attact viewers, and I believe that Xepher would be a wonderful place to be. I am convinced by this well formed and organized Forum and Site that provides much information.

My work is perdominately poetry, but I am currently working on a new plot for a new story.

My Allpoetry Account --

My personal favorites include [Newest to oldest]

 Immortal Love Is Held Within Mortal Hearts [ ] mostly because of how the poem was uniquely inspired and has a deep, poetic meaning.

Autumn's Aurora [ ] because I liked how it turned out even it was my first time using this style and I don't normally write poems with a rhyme scheme.

Paint me a Portrait [ ] Imagery and rhyme scheme once more.

Where the Grass is Just a Bit Greener [ ] Imagery, wording, and just my sense of poetry, though the rhythm could use a lot of work.

Beauty [ ] Doesn't really hold any moral to it, but tells more of a story of faith and - well, care to read the comments? My second elaboration seems better than my first on the comments column.

The Eyes of Man [ ] Again, a story-like poem that was inspired by my wandering thoughts.

I Wondered Why [ ] This particular poem means a whole lot to me. The poem itself tells its and my own story, and maybe it's a bit juevinile and mediocre, but its from personal experience. I entered this poem into Reflections and got into the District round.

Cabalistic [ ] One of my first, real poems that held a special moral.

[NOTE : not all of the poems I have written over time are on my Allpoetry account, but are kept on paper.]

I cannot show you any of my art because my computer that holds them has crashed, and my dad does not wish for me to use it.

For my 7th grade English Portfolio [English Final] we were instructed to gather assignments we did and hand it in. As an optional, I wrote a short story -1st person view- called 'The Devil's Eyes'. The story was based on a dog's life at home, and his life when he is bought off by a 'dogman', better known as dogfighters. Strongly against animal abuse, my story exposed some evils of dog fighting. The climax was my character in his last battle, a loose description of a dog fight. I could only say that this story is not entirely finished seeing that -uhm- I left it to last minute, it made a great short SHORT story, but would have made an even better short stories that went from 3 pages to about 7 or 8. Unfortunately, along with my scanned art, my short story has been deleted from the computer and this general synopsis is all I can give you which further shrinks that chance of my being accepted I suppose :/.

I know the basics of HTML and regular HTML [ as you can see, I'm no whiz though ], and the best for a website I can do is make splash pages. But if you gave me a pre-made website, I'd know how to edit it. I could take a whack at tables or ask one of my close friends if they could help me make a website for me, so I'm not totally concerned about this.

I suppose that's it for now.
If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at my said e-mail address.

Thank you very much for reading,