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General Chat / Remember me, oldie peeps?
September 11, 2005, 03:50:21 AM I've been busy with life.
Finally, though, everything seems to be going on the up and up path.  I finally have a CAREER that I'm going to try to stick at for more than a year, and it's salary based instead of hourly, so finally can start up that savings...and I get tons of vacation time and sick leave if needed.  I'm going into insurance for Farmers, as a Claims Representative...if you get into a wreck, and have Farmers insurance, you might get to talk to me (let's hope not though).
And for the first time in about two years since I graduated college, I've started writing again...probably because I just got my old hard drives back from nearly being destroyed.  I just put the data from those onto a 300 GB External hard drive, and among that data held pretty much everything that I was doing at the time they crashed...reviving my hard drive was like birthday, Christmas, and a pay raise all in one!
So, now feeling creatively worthy enough to come back and start posting again...