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Art / Artsy stuff at 2 AM Pacific Standard Time
January 06, 2007, 10:37:44 AM
Alright, the last time I posted in the art section of the forums was way back when the old forum was the only forum. I figure I'm due for another round.

So the past three nights I've stayed up late enough to send my dad off to work (he leaves at 4:30 AM) working on an updated layout for my website. I want to lengthen the ranting space and add a place where the newsbox and other things (those much talked about Project Wonderful ads mayhaps?) can have their own place without being squished into a tiny blurb. But this isn't about the layout, or else it'd be in the web design section.

So, first a little back story.

As none of you know, all of my previous layouts have been heavily art based, some to the point of making the site completely unusable. But it is an art site, after all. More recently it's also become the home of a specific pirate by the name of "Pirate B" who's become a sort of unoffical mascot, and who tagged along with the compass logo that I've used ever since she first showed up. What started as just another character for another layout became an entire other story in my head, where the pirate had a crew of quirky characters, and each character had a story, and they all sailed around in the good ol' ship called Mystik Skies. Eventually one of the crew members managed to show up alongside Pirate B in the latest MS layout, a glimpse at exactly how odd the rest of her crew is. The newest layout that I'm cooking up gives you more than just a glimpse, but has a nice little pin up of the whole crew (well, all the ones that matter anyway).

And so after all that, here's the art piece in question: the work in progress picture of the new layout. (it's fairly big, so 800x600ers, if you still exist, beware!) Note that I haven't finished her bandages, or her pants, or her sword, or even started on the other characters, though you can see the quick doodly-things of them in the back.

comparing it to the original pictures of Pirate B, and even the latest incarnation on the website, I really feel that I've improved at least a little bit art-wise. Sure her right arm is essentially a lump, and her left arm has some pretty wonky proportions, but at least I've gotten a little better at coloring.....right? I even used a different shading style than I usually do. 80% of the time I pick a dark color, paint it over everything on a new layer in photoshop, and mess with the opacities. This time I actually picked out the colors (as you can see by the crazy swatch collection I have). I even added detail to her eyepatch, which puts me somewhere between a perfectionist and completely anal... Also, no more anime halo-hair! Holy forks!

anyway, mostly I'm bored and a little stuck (I need to finish coloring her, but at the same time I want to start drawing the other characters, but at the same time I don't want to screw them up over and over and over....) so I'm just posting this to waste time and possibly get some feedback. I won't guarentee I'll listen to anything you say, but knowing it for the future would be nice :)

Also, quick tidbit: the sword she has is actually strongly based on a pair of cutlasses I bought on eBay a while back. Fun.

Also also, sorry if my rantings are a bit unreadable tonight. Lately I've been waking up early for a job, but now that that's over I'm slowly becoming a night owl again....and the transition isn't exactly smooth.
General Chat / Just a reminder...
September 19, 2006, 04:47:54 PM

Today be the day, me 'earties! Don yer tricorn hats and buckle yer swash, and don't be forgettin' the rum! :D
General Chat / Songs To Wear Pants To
March 19, 2006, 08:21:11 AM

sure I could TRY to explain it, but it's so much better to just see it (hear it) for yourself. Plus I'm lazy.
Misc. Content / Mystik Skies Logo
December 23, 2005, 12:51:32 AM
Okay so I'm trying to work on a new layout for the new year, and in a radical turn of events in my head I decided it's about time I have an actual logo to go with it. Not because I want to look proffesional, not because I'm trying to sell anything, (I'm about 10 years away from even considering anything I do sellable :P), just because I want one. You know, something that I could stick on every layout (albeit maybe in different colors or something) that the few people who grace my site would eventually come to recognize as "THAT'S the Mystik Skies logo!" or the like.

Anyway, I want to incorporate the compass that I spent so much effin' time crosshatching on my old layout in some way. To the untrained eye it has absolutely nothing to do with the name "Mystik Skies", but there is no way I'm going to have a cloud or something like that in my logo. Period. Plus I like that compass.

I made up a quick little something for the new layout with some easy text stuff in photoshop elements (yes yes, glaring evil bright orange and yellow, I know), just to get an idea of what it might end up like:
(I couldn't think up a color for the font, so it's just black. Looks halloweenish, but I call that a plus XD)

along with a picture of the compass itself in multiple colors:

As you can see I can make the compass ANY color at all, so feel free to just name a color if you think it would work. Also, if you could reccomend a font to use and how to use it that would be nice. I'm open to any suggestion.

Thanks in advance everyone. :)
Technical Support / Lost in a Forum
August 31, 2005, 11:42:12 PM
Ok, so it turns out I have people who acutally go to my site (GASP!) and it also turns out that they want a forum. My last site had one so I think, "sure, sounds like a reasonable request".

HAH. You see the difference here is that on my old server the forum was pre-installed, here it's not. No complaints or anything, At least here you can choose the type of forum you go out and install. So, I figure since I like the new forum, I'll just install that as their new spamming grounds and everyone will be happy.

Thing is, I'm php illiterate. I don't know a thing about installing forums, what kind of database I'm supposed to have, nothing. It's like going to China and thinking you're in Germany. Or something.

So, I followed the (lack of) instructions on the site, I have the installation page all nice and pretty in the next tab, and now I'm stuck. Wheeeeeee~

So after ALL that mindless rambling, I have juuuuust a few tiny little problems; what "database server hostname" should I use, and what database is it anyway? Do I use my Xepher username & password? Am I a total idiot? (answer: most likely)

if you need a better explanation of what I need, here's a picture.

I'm sure I'm just suffering from brain damage due to school being back and there's actually some VERY simple thing that I missed, but go easy on me please >>; Oh, and remember that if you talk in php-ese I won't understand a word you say.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps (or tries to)

Yours braindead,