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Applications / Application for Nexus Comics
October 11, 2005, 12:36:42 AM
preferred user name: Nexus Comics
e-mail relating to Dark Hunt or general questions: chaosarchivistATyahooDOTcom (e-mail yes or no to this address please)
e-mail relating to Shadow Search: orderchroniclerATyahooDOTcom

Reason for applying to First off, there is always the money factor, with having free hosting without ads, it seems to be a nice place to host a website that is done more for the joy of creative expression, rather than any profit.  Also, the recent hack aside, has a good track record of being a secure place to host a site, in as far as I know.  Finally, most of the motavation for me to restart my webcomic came from sites, so this is my way of trying to contribute back some.

Nexus Comics would be a dual- person website, with my brother and I being the two people posting items on it.  Although the basis for the site is posting webcomics, there would be other art and writing posted, most relating to the comics in some way.  Since two people would be running the site updates, I will cover this application ini two sections, the fisrt covering Shadow Search, my brother's web comic, and the second covering Dark Hunt, my web comic idea.
Oh, before that, here is a partial screen shot of the main page connecting the two comics:
OK! I got a free website that doe not use HTML, so I could program a site up.  The site address is below, please note that the Front Page this links to will not be what the actual site looks like, primarily since the main site image could not be posted.  The appropriate links are Dark Hunt and Shadow Search.

Ok, new display site is up/ has been found!  The site is on deviantArt and right now is mostly Dark Hunt Art, but Shadow  Search art will come as it is finished (colored, texted, etc.).

Shadow Search:
Basic Info: Shadow Search is based on the worlds of Sereem and Vernerar, and is centered on a war between the races of Vernerar and the humans of Sereem.  The action focuses on a young woman named Aurora, her partner Aegis and their boss, Z, head of Clandestine, an organization dedicated to the protection of humanity against the creatures of Sereem, particularly the werewolves and vampires.  The comic also includes several villians, such as the Ageless Specter, Vampire Lord Draco, Lord Xivor and other assorted people from the vampires, werewolves and the shadowy Illuminati.

Below are the first three pages of the comic (color will be added for the site, when I have time)

Dark Hunt:
Basic Info: Dark Hunt takes place in a future universe where Earth has been destroyed and a fraction of humanity now lives on a new planet, called Veil.  Unfortunately, the planet was already inhabited by the Sentient Races, a variety of races that used to live on Veil but decided to move their homes to pocket dimensions in order to avoid humans.  The comic covers the story of Howler, Eldritch and Lora as they seek to protect their world and themselves from the darker elements of their races.  As in Shadow Search, the Ageless Specter makes an appearance as a villian (he can travel between dimensions, FYI.  More info on him in the comics); as well as the Werewolf Slayer; Graynge, a rogue vampire lord; and quite a few other villians, insane or otherwise.

Below are the first five pages of the comics (I actually had time to color them), where you meet the first villian, Genisis:

Further additions to the comic preview, these are later on, but I wanted to show my art is getting better, I hope.

Also, a preview of a future cycle (what each section relating to one plot is called in my comic)

Other notes:
Right now, it looks as if both comics will be updated once a week, perhaps more if there is time.  Also, although the two comics start off with similar premises, they will diverge greatly in terms of their content.
As for violence and pornography, we do not intend to have either in our sites, although there will be several fights, but the most violence we'll show is probably red lines for cuts and maybe darkened clothing or skin (but not a lot of that probably).  (This is just added as an FYI, to get a feel the ratings on the comics)
Hopefully, our art will improve as time goes on.

Notes on site sharing:
As it is, I have as much skill in website design as a rock, so my brother has agreed to do the programming (it is in html) in exchange for me coloring and finalizing the comics for posting.

OK, I realize this is probably pretty long, but I wanted to cover as much material as I could.  I would appreciate any comments, and if you have any questions you would rather not ask on the forum, feel free to e-mail me.
Hosting Q&A / Combined websites
September 13, 2005, 01:33:04 AM
This is probably a newbie question, but can two people share the same account while at the same time having separate content (Ex. two separate webcomics hosted in one website).