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Applications / YaoRPG - A Browser MMORPG
« on: October 22, 2006, 06:43:52 pm »
Desired username: steltie

E-Mail address:

Description: YaoRPG (Yet Another Online Role Playing Game) is a free in-development browser mmorpg, in which you can create a character and explore exciting worlds. It is based on PHP and Javascript (with Ajax) and it has a selfmade tile engine. I can't say much about the story yet, but there will be one for sure. You will be able to choose a class for your character (like a warrior or a mage) and much other things to customize your character.

I've made some screenshots for you to get an idea of how my game looks.

First, the screen you get after logging in. On the top you can see the menu.

Now you can create a character. Up to now you can only specify the name and the image of your character, but that will be changed later.

With your new character you can enter the game by clicking "Enter game" in the menu. A new window will be opened and you can see the start map. Now you can walk around by pressing W, A, S and D and maybe get to the second map, and so on. On the right you can chat with other players. The chat is temporary and will be replaced with a new one later (the old one is based on text files, the new one on MySQL).

You also have an inventory. You can open it by either pressing B on your keyboard or by clicking "Open inventory" on the left. You start with two items, a "Necklace of Home" which can teleport you "home" and a "Rugged Shovel", a starter weapon (fights aren't implemented yet though). You can find NPC Traders who sell items to you or buy items from you.

After creating a character he/she doesn't have money and not many items. But how do we get items without money or money without items? We can find chests in the world! We can open these chests and get the items in it (and sometimes there is money in them too). When opening the chests you can also see who has opened the chest before, and when it was opened. There are also some chests that magically disappear after opening them and reappear at a random position in a random map.

Another great highlight are the NPC dialogs. Sometimes you can see NPCs. You can go to them, click on them (you have to stand in front of them) and talk to them. He or she will say a sentence or two and you can choose what to say from a list of answers.
This NPC is made by a friend. Don't worry, there won't be a Pikachu-NPC in the final game ;) You can also see how chat messages look like in these screenshots.

There is another NPC which looks like a tree (and has some more text then the pikachu), here is one of many possible dialogs:

Here is another NPC trader, he has different items then the first one.

The game is still in development as I said, so there will come a lot of interesting features in the future.
Currently I'm hosting my game on my own PC (the same from which I'm writing this post). You can access the game at this URL:
Feel free to register and walk around! If you can't find the server, it means that I'm offline. If you have ICQ, you can add me to see when I'm online. My ICQ UID is 266306076.
The page sadly isn't viewable in Internet Explorer though, but it works fine with Mozilla Firefox and Opera (I didn't test other browsers yet). The design of the page will be improved, so that IE users can view it, too.

Well, that's all for now. Thank you in advance!


Hosting Q&A / Unfinished projects
« on: October 20, 2006, 03:23:21 pm »

I'm working on a Browser-MMORPG in my free time. Currently I'm hosting it on my own machine (my router is configured so that friends can access it over the net). Of course I'm going to host it somewhere in the Internet when it's finished, but it would be useful to have a server which is accessable at every time.

So, my question is this: Can we host unfinished projects here, or do the projects have to be finished (or more precisely: "usable")?

Thank you in advance!


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