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Applications / mentalSTRIKE Productions (Application)
« on: April 26, 2007, 03:55:04 pm »
username: mentalstrike
email: mentalstrike AT gmail DOT com
mentalSTRIKE Productions is a small yet growing video game production company. Currently we are working on a 3D Action/Adventure game called Second Reality. Freewebs is not a nice place to be trying to host lots of files or even a few. I pretty much had to have 5 or 6 account with only one being the actual site. The others were used to hold files and such. The current home for mentalSTRIKE Productions is here but we just recently got hit with a major virus that was on the network I was on at the time so we've had to recouporate. Most of the pages aren't up as of yet, but I still do have the files backed up (funny story, the virus originated from a Chinese pharmicidical website... and our site right now is completely safe and virus free... It took awhile to track it down though)
Also, we have a forum. I haven't used it yet though...Just got it set up and everything. The forum is located here

By the way, does using Diprotodon still work?

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