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Applications / Nuthouse Comics Inc.
« on: December 09, 2006, 10:47:24 am »
User Name: cherry-bomb

Email: michelle.r.p AT hotmail DOT com

Site Description: Okies, this might take a while...
My site is an Art site. I will post up art about every once a week, maybe post up a comic and work on another chapter of my story. it's got fanart, fan characters, a news box with updates information, and I REALLY like the buttons for surfing through comics ^^

Okies, since I haven't actually got it on the net yet, I'm gonna show you a few of my pics. On some of them, the digital colouring is better or worse, because I'm a quick learner and I've picked up a lot of pointers.
here are a few:

Trust me, not all of my pictures are as graphic as this one

My kougra, Abe

A comic I did that got a positive reaction.

I love this one ^^ It's an African Tiger Naga.

Hopefully four pictures will be enough, so yeah.

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