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I would like opinions with some sort of facts and or lessons, that support your opinions. I ask this because I have finished my children's book a whole year ago, and when I was going to save up to do independent publishing...a wealthy person I knew stepped in to hook me up with some of his publishing contacts.  All i know is that Random House publishers have looked at it, but he has not gotten back to me in a while.  I'm still saving up for Independent publishing and redrawing all the pictures in the book a lot better.  Still i ask myself the question.

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December 16, 2006, 09:43:25 PM
Hello all,

    I am a college student at the Art Institute of Washington, majoring in Game Art and Design.  I want to use this site as a way of letting many read and view my copyrighted art work for a specific story/comic/book. I am in the process of getting my children's book published and would like for this site to be the home of the world of Silly and to add to the addition on the great world. Once again I have followed the rules to the best of my knowledge, and all pictures i originally made and copyrighted for the safety of  I am not here to sell anything related, if you have any questions of how things can be purchased or know a potential investor one may contact me and i can answer them to the best of my abilities.  In the near future I would like to have a second site if possible to showcase my portfolio filled with many types of mediums and styles of fine art to digital.

    Secondly, I have always been a firm believer in thinking outside of the box all the way from when i was younger and ran my own lemonade stand; to currently seeking funds to open up a studio that produces many forms of media for the greater good of the youth and generations to come of this world.  I believe that classic stories were great and alot of the modern day cartoons that are said to be for children still put things in their that can have a negative future effect on them. The future begins and has always begun with those in the present, our actions speak loud and echo all the way into the future and its our responsibility to look out for those to come, in my opinion.  Also I am open to constructive critics and hope to help them members anyway I can.

    Hopefully I will get to know you all on and get approved for a website.

Thank you,
Joseph H. Willis Jr.