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Hosting Q&A / It's time to say good bye :)
February 06, 2007, 10:18:39 PM
Hi all, hi Xepher!

After having my site here for various years (honestly I don't remember for sure,
the latest email from this account I still have, is from 2005-09-19, though I believe
it's been in 2003 or 2004 I got my account here), it's time to go now.

I finally got much more active regarding linux activity and now maintain my own repository for suse on my own server.

It was a nice time here and I've learned much in the meantime, but now I need more things,
esp. things I have more control over ;) So I am currently 'rm'ing my space here to give others
a chance to start a hopefully successfull website.

I personally want to thank you, Xepher, for holding up this service over all of the years with so much
enthusiasm and wish you the best for the future!

Though disabling/deleting my account here, I would like to ask you to leave my "I've moved"-Site up for a while
(maybe until you set up the new server this year?), so that search machines and users can follow to my new site.

In case, someone wants to contact me ( I don't believe so, as I was rather a quiet guest ;)),
you can reach me via Jabber and Mail at chris [at]

Good look to everyone and greetings from Germany,