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Applications / Tsunami Yusa
« on: February 15, 2007, 02:44:13 pm »
Username: Tsunami-Yusa

Preferred URL:


"Tsunami Yusa"


I'm not really going to add anything above the rating of PG-13 or anything like that. I just want a personal artsite, or at least SOME place where I can host my art without ads at all. I do have an artsite right now:, the suckiet of all, and, this is a perfect example of "FREE WITH ADS!" Freewebs is fine, but even though I switched to HTML which already disabled the ads, the URL knocks it out. I advertise my artsites all around, I want to use a URL that isn't funny and is someplace everyone's familiar with. I guess XEPHER isn't that popular around my folks, but I'll be advertising along with my site.

I guess I'm not really being creative and unique at all, but I just WANT it. I don't have a flash drive and floppy disks are a troublesome. I figured that I'd rather have an online portfolio to host my art. :| I've tried a lot. Photobucket is too boring; deviantART is too dramatic; MyArtPlot is too dead and unknown, considering it's a beta site; Gaia is too game-related; Neopets is childish and parentally strict... and so on.  :( All I wanted was someplace to host an artsite without problems.

I'll be linking this artsite to my online manga: Well, yes it is empty. I started all over. I'm planning to let people download MY tutorials and resources. Obviously they'll be MINE, so It's NOT illegal! :/.

I guess that's it. I hope this gets approved, and thank you xepher for the generosity!


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