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Applications / Metamor Keep Story Archive
December 10, 2007, 09:08:49 PM
username: metamor
email: kendo.virmir -at- gmail -dot- com

Metamor Keep is a shared setting story universe comprised of well over 300 stories, including one Ursa Major award winner and another nominee.  I have had the pleasure of maintaining this archive for the past six months after the previous maintainer had to step down, and am planning some improvements on the current design.  The current site is located at

Basically the reason we need to move is there's no database available on the current server, and all the fun stuff I have planned requires one. Hundreds of static HTML pages are a tad bothersome to maintain. ;)   I have had my own story archive hosted here on since March and have been thoroughly impressed with the service, so this was a natural choice.

I have the domain I'd like to associate with this account.

Thank you for your consideration!
Applications / Virmir's Stories
March 06, 2007, 04:48:55 AM
Username: virmir
Email: kendo.virmir at gmail dot com


I'm looking for a better host for my website at  This is an archive for my short stories, which I hope to have a sizable number of one day (though there are only four right now!)  My theme is animal transformations, though I may expand in the future.

As far as update frequency goes, I can't really say, as these things come out of me randomly.  I seem to have managed a new story every 2-3 weeks during the two months the site has been up, though I'm not sure I can maintain that frequency.  I think I can probably get something new up at least every two months or so, though.  If this isn't regular enough to qualify, then I totally understand.

Thank you for your consideration!

(Best pre forum sign-up disclaimer ever, by the way. :) )