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Applications / Underdog Rikki
« on: March 13, 2007, 06:54:55 pm »
Username: underdog-rikki
Email: underdog_rikkiAThotmailDOTcom

Art site, mainly furry. A personal gallery of my drawings/doodles/art/photos possibly organized in a photo album ( if I figure out how to install the thing...)
It will also have my profile and links to my other online art galleries such as DeviantART and LiveJournal.
Samples of my drawings can be found here:

I've been looking for free web hosting that supports php and my own domain name (which I plan on purchasing in the future, if I get accepted.) I found through '' a long time ago but I didn't know until now that I'd be able to have my own domain name hosted here (FAQ "How can I link a domain name to my account here?" cleared that for me.)

As far as webdesign.. I had a website on geocities a couple years ago, and I had a website hosted by a friend(now expired!) last year so I know html and basic php includes. I still have access to my old geocities account so here I've just uploaded some of my past site layouts as samples.  Unfortunatley I lost most of my backup layouts but these are two of my favourites:
"Toxic Envy version 6"
"Toxic Envy version 3"
(broken links and whatnot - I'm just showing these as web design samples.)

..Hmm actually I do have one site currently online but it's only a splash page. Counts as webdesign, no? xD

Okay, I think that is all. For now.
Thank you,
Underdog Rikki

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