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It looks like both the Xepher link banner and Lightbox 2 (a Javascript based image display thing) use an element (a div, I think) with the "overlay" id, and this messes Lightbox 2 up.. Would it be easy to change the Xepher banner's id to "xepher_banner_overlay" or something? Might be good to change it to more specific id for something that is included on so many pages anyway.

I have tried fixing this by changing the Lightbox 2 id, but it turns out that this is rather more involved than I can manage at the moment.

Web Design / Cleaning up PHP $_GET URLs
December 09, 2007, 11:30:17 PM
I am building a site with PHP/MySQL, and I was wondering.. Is there a good way to get URLs like


to appear as, and and be accessible from something like


where "tree-27" is the name of the picture and its id. (Having the id number in the URL along with the name prevents to images with identical names from causing problems..)
Applications / yny-u
December 05, 2007, 05:53:06 AM
Well, after lurking here for several years, I have finally registered on the forums, and, well, here goes.

Desired URL:
Email: webmaster ~a~ yny-u ~dot~ com

Proposed site: A place to experiment with web design and host my art - sketches, paintings, illustrations, comics, photographs, etc.

To see what I can do art-wise:

Let me see.. I am familiar the XHTML, CSS, PHP/MySQL/Smarty and a bit of Javascript - to see an example, go  to As you will see, they have disabled MySQL, but that should at least show that I can put together a basic web page (I hope ^^; ).

Technical questions... If this site proposal is accepted, can I have at least one directory outside the root? I would like to have one to store sensitive PHP includes (like db passwords). Also, I have recently started using PHP's Smarty templating engine ( Installing it is quite simple (if you don't have it already - basically just adding an include path to php.ini, creating a few directories, and sticking some PHP files in them. More info on installing Smarty: If it is too much trouble, that is fine, but Smarty is such a neat tool that I though I would at least ask..

OK, well, that about covers it I think.. If anyone has any questions, please ask me. Any critiques or suggestions would be most welcome.