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Applications / The Intrepid Girlbot
December 19, 2008, 06:38:46 AM
I already have my portfolio site here on Xepher, which I'm very happy with, but I'd like to get a separate account for an ongoing webcomic project I'm going to start in January.

desired username: girlbot

e-mail: jinxville at gmail dot com

current site:

sample strips:

The Intrepid Girlbot would, at least initially, update twice a week. I don't have a set storyline in mind. It's sort of an experimental idea. I'm just going to see where it takes me. I've already gotten some interesting ideas of where to take it.

Fesworks told me that I could allocate a domain for this from my current account, but I'd kind of like to keep them separate. It seems like it would be neater. If you don't feel that it's worth the trouble to set up a new account, I could try Fes's method.
Technical Support / Problems installing oekaki board.
September 07, 2008, 04:59:51 AM
First off, I hope an oekaki board is okay. Let me know if there's any limits I should put on it.

So I'm running the install for Wacintaki Poteto, an up-to-date oekaki client. I fill in the MySQL info as it says in the Xepher help section, but I get denied access. Any help? I'm probably missing something really obvious again.
Hosting Q&A / Blogger?
August 20, 2008, 05:57:19 PM
Hey, I'm gearing up to put up a whole new design for my site. This includes a new art/news blog via Blogger. I was able to do this pretty easily when I was on Dreamhost, but I know Xepher operates somewhat differently. It says it can use SFTP to post, which would probably work, right? I just want to know how to get it set up well before I start hacking the new design together.

So are there any special instructions to getting Blogger to work on Xepher?
Hosting Q&A / Domain allocation?
March 14, 2008, 11:05:20 PM
Not sure exactly where to post this, but this forum looks good. I'm finally making the switch from Dreamhost to Xepher, so I'd like "" set as my domain for my account, "" Also, any idea how long before I can notify GoDaddy about the nameservers? I've never switched hosting before. Fesworks has been very helpful on the subject, but I'm nervous about downtime disrupting my (very meager) traffic flow.

Thanks in advance!
Applications / Jinxville
February 12, 2008, 07:21:42 AM
Hey, Fesworks pointed me to this site, and it looks like a pretty neat thing. I'm looking to move away from Dreamhost for a few reasons, and I think I'd be really happy here. Anyway...

desired username: jinxville

e-mail: jinxville at gmail dot com

current site:

Jinxville is my comic/illustration/misc. portfolio site. I want to move it to a new host and redesign it next month. My plans -- aside from making it look way prettier than it does now -- are to add more interactivity, like a semi-regularly-updated art blog that can be commented on, Flickr and Twitter feeds, and maybe an oekaki board. I'd continue to post new short comic work and illustrations there, as well as smaller side projects. If I were to start a larger project, like an ongoing webcomic, I would probably apply for a second account. Right now, it's a rather simple site with some random fun arty things on it.

Most of what I know of design and coding is HTML and CSS. I don't tend to do anything fancy, and I work from templates when it saves me headaches. My main focus is on having a fun website for my online professional artist persona. I would be using my site to get work and woo clients and such, as well as connecting with peers and fans, if I ever manage to garner any.

Looking forward to hearing back on this. Any comments on my site or artwork are welcome, as well.