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General Chat / Reasons beyond me.
« on: May 01, 2008, 06:29:55 am »
So, my main computer is a laptop. It's a decent laptop, it can play my games and such.... well. It used to. Now, half the motherboard is burned out, and I have about eightybillion fricken viruses. I need to send it in (I'm still under warenty, and it covers it) but I have to pay shipping. So I havent done it yet, because, being the american I am, I'm lazy as can be. Thus, I havent created/uploaded any of my comic that I mentioned before because I've been fighting virus after virus. Sorry that I dissappeared for a while (I dont think anyone even really knows who I am.) but I'm going to dissappear again for a short while, for I am FINALLY sending this computer in for repairs next monday, when I have the money for it. Maybe I'll draw, but till then, tah tah for now.

Applications / Life Without Life
« on: April 09, 2008, 03:25:30 am »
Hello. I like what your doing here, and I've been looking for a decent host for the comic that I would like to do. I came upon this site from one of the comics I read, Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures. After reading the "Instructions (Read before posting)" thread, I decided to give my luck a go. Onward to battle I suppose.

Alrighty then, lets discuss my Inability to draw. I'm working on my art work, and I figured "Hey, looking back at some other peoples web comics, their first bit of archives are really.... bad, just like how I am now. I wonder, if I start a comic, will my art work improve over time like everyone Else's? I hope so."

Here are my only examples of my artwork.

yes, I know, it's not that bad, but you haven't seen my attempt at drawing people. I hope to one day be a great artist, but for now, I'll settle with practice.

I do have some skill in the ways of HTML coding, and I have a very large book that teaches one to read and write in HTML (About 630 or so pages) and I have done some HTML coding myself, but nothing have I posted.

Username: lifew/outlife

Website name: lifewithoutlife

My email:

Site Description:
Well, it will be a webcomic, with full archives of previous comics (Like any other webcomic) and will hopefully one day have downloads such as backgrounds and icons and the like. Underneath the comic will be a place for me to post things like what's to come and any reason as to why I stopped uploading or something of that case. There will probably be an external link to a proboards forum that will let the readers discuss things like what's going to happen next and whatnot. Also, I was hoping to add in a page of some stories that I write every once in a while.

What the comic itself will be about: It sets place in a city like New York, New York, and the main character (Whoe's name I haven't decided on) loses his girlfriend, his job, his apartment, and in the end, his life. But he wakes up in a foreign land, full of monsters and magic. There he meets up with a lookalike of someone familiar, but he cant remember who it was. The two start a grand adventure to find the rare material called Escoda so as to forge the mightiest weapons imaginable to stop the antagonist who I haven't really developed thus far. Along there way to the first town, they meet up with Pip, the Gnome Illusionist. Later on, they meet up with Gerald, who incidentally is actually working for the bad guy. On their way, they meet up with probably 1 or 2 more characters who join their quest to stop the evil (Still haven't decided on what the evil will be and what he's doing that so...evil) before it is too late. More to come as I think up of more.

I believe that The Challenge is in order, so by all means, Xepher, ask away.

Oh yeah, before I forget: I will make a "backstock" of comics so that I don't fall behind too much, and I'll update twice a week, once on Monday and once on Friday (Saturday morning because of my job may interfere)

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that one day, if this comic becomes slightly popular, I hope to sell merchandise related to the comic. Also, is it ok if we sell banner space to other web comics?

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