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Applications / "Drawing Under The Influences" comic
August 20, 2008, 06:27:35 PM
Hello folks,

basic description: Webcomic

Currently my comic is hosted on comicgenesis at (more of my art can be seen at ). At first I was pretty excited about it, but their customer service is really lacking. The engine randomly displays comics in the wrong order, it will generate pages on days that it's not suppose to update. When I ask for help or what I could possibly do to correct the problem I get told, in short 'deal with it'. Which makes me not want to deal with them at all. I've been looking through other options, and think that xepher would be the best road to take in hosting.

The story of DUI is pretty complex, with enough seriousness to be considered an in depth story yet still with plenty of humor. Basically it's about a girl who not only hears the angel on her right and the devil on her left, but sees them, too. Add to that the fact that there's more than just those two, and she's the only one who can see them- and you get a very confused girl.

I would be updating on tuesdays and fridays with the strips that have already been released up in archive so there's enough to get readers interested. I've also got a buffer of twelve strips prepared, so absences and 'fillers' aren't expected.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Jen "Kesh"