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Applications / Re: The Weekly Toot
April 22, 2010, 11:16:10 PM
Totally understand.  I got wrapped up myself working on job applications and junk.  Definitely still interested!
Applications / The Weekly Toot
March 24, 2010, 04:33:07 PM
I apologize ahead of time for the length!


kelseylou AT gmail DOT com

The Weekly Toot is a weekly web illustration revolving around a cast of characters made by myself, and a few friends.  It hasn't officially launched.  It's something I've wanted to do since I was 14 years old... and 9 years later, I finally feel I can maintain the comic I've always wanted.  I, along with the help of friends I've found on a little game called Furcadia, will be working ideas for the different illustration each week.

The site I am working on isn't so much of a Web Comic as it is a Web Illustration.  Meaning... I don't completely intend to follow a "set in stone" type of story line.  My plan, and vision, is to use the cast members (who have actual real-life creators behind them) I have to interpret amusing things I've come across either in real life, on a game I partake in with the cast members, and write-in suggestions from readers... provided we get the audience/reader base for that.

The loose story line is as follows: As the main character, it features my character Flute, and her sisters Rg, Nanoshpi, and Selachia.  They all work together to raise Flute's son, Rew, with the love and support of their friends.  The comic aspect of the site will include members of the cast drawn out and representing the previously mentioned "amusing experiences."

These antics are more likely to be random, because I tend to draw them off the top of my head when something strikes me.  I plan to update either once a week at first, and possibly more as I progress and grow.

As of right now, I have the web site pretty much up and coded.  I'm still in the process of drawing a few images for the header to change on each different cast page.  For example, when you click on Rew under the cast list, the header will change to include Rew's character hanging onto/from the website's banner instead of Flute.  Just to give a little more personalization.

The current URL is:

All of the artwork was done by me.  The layout and HTML are my work well, though I did have a good bit of help with placement and the like... because my skills are lacking entirely and I can only code something basic.  However, I feel for now it fits.

Update March 25, 2010: A friend of mine told me, "Taking into consideration how stressed out the coding of the website is making you, I'm wondering if I can just strong-arm you into just letting me help you. Hahahaha."  And she's right, it was driving me CRAZY because I'm not the world's best when it comes to website coding, at ALL.  So, I was thinking it wouldn't hurt to take a chance on her!  And I'm glad I did.  It's not finished yet, but she does have the basic idea down.  I have to fix some images, change the font color, and do some more drawings for the site, but ultimately I'm pleased.  None of the links work right now.  To see the new layout in the works, you can visit:

I have two illustrations now that I plan to post once I officially have the site ready to go.  I don't want to post them publicly, however, because I want to save them specifically for the site's launch.

My style in and of itself is a loose, sometimes colored, sketch.  The reason I don't always color them is because sometimes, I feel it's not necessary and sometimes it just doesn't fit the drawing.  I do shading in most of the sketches I do, and I always go over the sketches with a cleaner, darker lining.

The gallery to most of my work can be found here:

DeviantART shows my greatest progression as an artist.  My first drawing was posted there back when I was 14 or 15 years old, on November 26, 2002.  I have been there for going on eight years now, and looking back, I feel that I have grown significantly.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?  By no means do I consider myself a mind-blowing artist, but I am happy with my art.

Although it may be a little embarrassing on my part, I'll post a little "over the years" progression type thing.  

I apologize, again,  way in advance for the over load of links you will see next.  However, I feel it's the best way you can get an idea how how far I've come!

2002: My first creation in the line of characters... "Meiynai" is my namesake on deviantart, and I don't change it just to pay homage to where I got my start.  She was a penguin/raccoon.
2003: Another attempt at character creation, "Mardy Gras."  I was still young:
2004: My official character and fursona, Flute, who is the star of my projected web illustration.  My first real attempt to draw her was in 2004 when she was created, the following was done on paper with prisma colors at the time:
2005: Was a big year for me as an artist.  I got my first tablet, and went to town:
2005: I improved a little in 2005, by drawing my idea of myself with my cat, Nina:
2005: Still in 05, working towards defining myself a little more:
2005: End of the year drawing.  Also practiced multiple characters by doing several, as well as a "mini dance series":
2006: Finally 2006!  I had a lot of variation and growth in 2005, sorry for the spam.  In 2006, I experimented a little more with landscaping and coloring:
2006: I revisted Meiynai, and also go back into character drawing:
2007: Still working with characters, and coloring in a more painterly style:
2008: I think 2008 is when I really started to define myself as a "sketchy" styled artist.
2009: Still working with the sketchy-art.
2010: I've come to the realization that I like my art as it is.  And though I will always strive to be the best that I personally can be, I am ultimately content with the results of my labor over the years.

The images in 2010 are the best representation of where I am at now.  It is the same way the characters in my illustration will be drawn.  The splash image to my current website can be found by visiting the main page:

I have run my own "about me and my art and characters" before.  They were maintained monthly, and told all about... well, me, my art, and my characters!  However, the hosts I had for them either dropped off the planet.

I hope to bring a fun, creative outlet to not only myself, but also my friends and others who may read or stumble upon us. :)