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Applications / Golden Crystals Application
February 05, 2006, 10:21:38 PM
PICTURES are so nice!
very nicely done.
though the site u got it hosted on is a pain! wow. so many ads.

i wish you good luck on the application!
Applications / RF/Romance Series Online Manga
February 01, 2006, 05:35:46 PM
thank you so much! ^_~ is getting annoying. expecially the pop ups >.<

:3 thank u once again~ ^_~
Applications / RF/Romance Series Online Manga
February 01, 2006, 04:18:08 AM
I wish to apply for a new hosting serving. I'm sick and tired of
having to find multiple of hosting sites to make my website complete. [dies from tiredness]

i 'll try to keep my application clean and short.

username: revesfanatiques

email: [uhh...don't mind the queer email name]

Site  description: I currently have the site and it is up and running [although newly opened],
here is the current link:
My site is of course an Online Manga. Where of course, my own amatuer manga with gallery, extras and so on.
Another site i have is my personal site which is also up. Here is the Link:
My personal website contains my artworks, diary, cosplay/photos and so on.
I know the layout doesn't look nice and fancy, but you can't really base on the look of the website right?
...RIGHT! lol I really like it the way it is, nice and simple.
oh, i know its a bit empty, im struggling of uploading with freewebs [running out of space]
So basically i need a hosting service that can make two website in one. in other words, having my personal
website + Online Manga = ONE WHOLE WEBSITE.
and is able to keep all my images without limited storage space.

I cannot do that with freewebs. Freewebs doesn't allow me to have enough space to do such action.

if you would like to see more pictures i have a DA gallery:

The Convincing Part: KEEPING ACTIVE! I'll try 120% to update as often as I can.
I do have School, so it might slow me down. Especially when you have one of the toughest history teacher
 I like to be able to  show my artwork and my creative stories to others as well as keeping me busy while im bored out of my mind.Without the  hassle of crappy hosting sites with limited folder storage, ads, ads, and more ads. lol.

And that is all. I hope you accept me.
[and i apoligize for my spelling error and grammer errors. lol]

Have a lovely day or night. :3