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Applications / moving days. (upgrade request)
April 13, 2007, 05:27:59 PM
right on, chief!
Applications / moving days. (upgrade request)
April 12, 2007, 02:56:49 AM
Phase 1 user here, very very late in applying haha..

Existing username:

e-mail: jingu DOT j  AT gmail DOT com

site description:

journal comics- a daily(.. not always) drawn journal, whimsical entries with simple look- supposedly to emulate lazy sketchbook style (granted, all the drawings are taken out from my sketchbook). It’s sort of like an online whimsical record of an average person’s day-to-day life.

There’ll be also a ‘puzzle’ kind of theme in one of the link, where the reader is going to (most likely accidentally) click a hidden link and there’ll be a hidden pages that leads to another bunch of hidden pages. They’ll seem like nonsensical in nature most of the time ☺

Also taking  somewhat a new direction for the 2006-2007-onward comic entries. Older version of the site still will be in here somewhere (half-hidden ☺ )

But to get the feeling what kinda stuff I did before I stopped updating for .. years.. (sorry xepher) :

thoughmlike I said before, I’m taking a new direction, sort of ☺ since things have changed quite drastically .

… the site is not done yet, so excuse me  for the lack of things… and.. well you can tell I’m not web-designing-savvy ☺

 I was contemplating of using an automator, but I’m fiddling with some simpler ways in handling the files.But I’m prolly going to toss back and forth the design until may 1st (walrus's comeback)

I know blogs (this is a type of blog afterall), are kiiinda frowned upon here, so I am unsure if this will meet the requirement, but hey, at least I tried right? ☺

Kindly tell me if I missed something?

Thanks for looking, folks, have a nice day. :)