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Applications / Colley will Slink
May 31, 2008, 01:34:26 AM
Okay, I read the instructions multiple times and have been looking at everyone's applications trying to do this right. If I messed something up or forgot something I'm sorry, let me know. Thanks. :)

username: themelville

nicknames: the melville, Melanie Elaine, Elaine Orchard

email: elaine PERIOD orchard AT gmail PERIOD com

desired site name: Colley will Slink
It is just a slightly nonsensical phrase, using an old spelling of the word collie and how border collies 'slink' when they are working. I am a bit of a dog freak. :)

current work: deviant account

site description:
I would like to create an online portfolio of my artwork that would be more professional than a deviant art account and that I could personalize more (deviantart is great but after a while you get tired of all the green...). I'm currently an art student, half way through college and would like to establish a website to direct potential employers to.
I would also have comics on the site. Currently I'm working on a story based on the Norse story of Beowulf (I started the story in high school, long before the movie). While studying Beowulf, I doodled a female character to keep myself from falling asleep. (here is the sketch, beware it is an old sketch and not the prettiest )From that a lighthearted story formed of a rebellious woman competing with Beowulf to kill Grendel. I have a few pages completed to start and plan on uploading new pages at least weekly.
There are a bunch of other stories I have but as of now only exist in my head and a few sketches.

site design:
I have never had the opportunity to create a website from scratch but promise to make something ascetically pleasing. I'm familiar with html and am obnoxiously picky with creating graphics.

Thank you for the opportunity for a website here and sorry again if I forgot something.