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Messages - Eternally Lost Zeppo

Just thought I'd drop a line on here to share the news that for this year's ScriptFrenzy, I'll be attempting a full length movie script featuring Jenny Everywhere as the lead character. Wish me luck, and you'll be able to follow my progress on the Script Frenzy website (I'm registered as Eternally_Lost_Zeppo) and my blog which is linked on my profile on the site.

This should be a lot of fun. ^_^

P.S. Any artistic types who would be interested in drawing up a mock poster for the movie, please get in touch and I'll let y'all know as soon as possible the log-line and actual title of the movie, once I've got them finalised.
I'd be up for participating, but it'll probably have to be a prose submission as well, since I'm mainly a writer and I've had trouble before finding an artist to collaborate on a comic book project. I'll start brainstorming some ideas anyway.
I'll see if I can't write up a birthday themed comic script for then as well. Still lacking an artist to work with though. Might be worth going round the online comic sites again maybe...

Also, the short film script is done. It's not perfect. I'd have liked to write something longer, but our student TV station has some strict broadcast length guidelines. I'll hopefully be able to get it filmed by the end of semester, but I'll be juggling that with trying to finish my final course project, finding a flat and getting a job before I finish uni, so...yeah, we'll see how things work out.

- Ja na