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Yeah I'm alot more confident in my art now than I was when this project started. I'd love to do strip specially for it.
Now has a nice presentable frontage on my blog.

Next one is likely to feature Jenny in a more centeral role, also likely in space, so I'm wanting to administer some 'Kirby Crackle'. Don't know when I'll get round to doing it though. :P
Hello all, It's well overdue for me to do another Jenny Everywhere comic. To be fair, Jenny is only really a framing divice in this one because its basically a re-working of one of my rejected 2000ad scripts. I might be doing this with a few others, but involving Jenny a bit more next time.

I haven't had the chance to put it up on my blog yet, so its on Deviantart for the time being.

Thanks all!

Yeah, that's no problem at all. I happy to go along with whatever you feel is best. Looking back, the story dosn't look as good as I thought it did at the time, but onwards and upwards eh?

I've been planning on working on another 'Jenny epic' for a while but have been bogged down with other projects, I may do a few smaller strips to get back into the swing of things.
I like what I'm seeing so far, models are hard to work with so It nice to see you working so well with them despite the limitations, it could really look good with more post screen effects (lighting etc) but I', sure you'll become adept at that in time.

As for the story, we'll have to see where it goes for me to comment any further, but I like it so far.
Not sure how many of you guys are still knocking about. But I done a couple more Jenny comics recently.


and here

Also currently taking requests if anyones interested.
Well I for one am exited to see what you come up with. Don't know if I could be much help but I suppose I could crack out some arts some time.
Hey don't sweat it fez, it has been the hectic holliday season after all.
Its been a wee bit quiet around these parts recently, so to shake you all up, here's a festive Jenny comic for you all.

Anyone else had a crack at any seasonal Jenny artwork?
Still on my mind, but been a bit busy with other projects at the moment, I'll have a look into it once I'm on top of things.
Ok here it is, the third and final part, and I think you cool cats are really going to dig it.

Those with a keen eye will notice it has a few more nods to some of the early Jenny stories, as well as mirroring some scenes from previous chapters, a few references to music and comics here and there, and finishes in a way that could lead into any other Jenny story.

Anyway, I'll be having a break now I think, It'll be the last strip I do in colour for a long time as thats what takes up the bulk of the work, but I look forward to doing more Jenny stuff in the future.
Ooh Goodies, looking forward to more.
Cheers guys, Just letting you know I'll be out of town for the weekend as of this afternoon, so I'll be able to do the pencils but I won't have access to a computer to do the colouring. If a few people want to jump in ahead of me feel free to do so.
Nice little story, I liked trying to picture what exactly was going on by the out of shot dialogue.