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Applications / Koibito Play applictation
« on: October 31, 2005, 06:06:04 pm »
Desired username: Playground Love

Site Content: Personal art site.. .urhm....

It'll be a fairly simple and small site, like most JP gallery sites, focusing purely on illustration and comics I draw =>
My art is based A LOT on japanese "Super Flat" art. (Please refer to (interview with Takashi Murakami) if you do not know what Super Flat/Neo Pop is.)
Besides original content, I also make fan art/comics of various manga (Gintama, mainly).
My works also contain mild violence and nudity, however, none of it is extreme =>>>

Various illustrations by me have been posted to my deviantart gallery :

Unfortunately, I do not actually own a web site yet (I've been looking for a good host for awhile now..),
and thus I cannot show you my html works.
However, I will probably just use a site template... I want my site to be simple and clean. Period.
I figure that must be to my disadvantage though ='[

I know that I do not sound promising, nor is my art... particularly "unique"  .... so ...please consider =>

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