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And there was much rejoicing!
If a reader doesn't have a link to it, they won't know that it's there.

If a reader just checks out the new comics, that gets missed.

So, from what I understand,

Fes is a character, and knows it.
Fesworks thinks he draws Fes
Fesworks is a character, and now knows it
Fes Works thinks he draws Fesworks
Fes Works is a character, and doesn't know it

... But then, who draws Fes Works? (.... wasn't there a webcomic existential philosophy thread about the whole "levels of comic awareness" that wound up comparing it to real world religions and philosophies?)

I like that comic. I really think it shows the whole WCA and "Is there a God?" questions/concepts better than anything else I've seen.
Some main comics seem to be missing from the new archives.

After Capnap's visit:

The next "new" comic matches

136a-139a are skipped, and two or three of those seem to actually be part of the plotline at that point. (The graveyard jokes can be skipped, and maybe the forum war reference, but there's two definite yes's in there, I think)
So there's another set of forums at

Err ... where should we be posting?


As far as I can tell, the "old" Psi archives are at (linking to the other forums)

and the "new" psi archives are at (linking to these forums)

P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy / 5th wall
October 20, 2010, 10:48:54 PM

Absolutely wonderful! But if you don't have a link to it, you won't see it.
Right. I finally managed to catch him by email; it's why I'm using keybounce2 over there now.
For about 2 days, I've been unable to post anything on
I can't even send Hogan a PM about this problem.

If someone has some other way to contact him, please do so. Thanks.
So we're only about a day from the update ...
Alright, here's a quickie:

QuoteIt's where my muse was stronger than my desire to stick to the plan.
Is this a baby naga? Some kind of dragon? Some sort of cross-comicDimensional creature that prevents you from really sealing off the Psi universe and keeping you in the focus of the fire axe?

Hmm... old literature talks about the "world dragon", or "world serpent" ... now the idea of a cross-worlds version of that ...