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Applications / Fairy Tale Bloopers
January 21, 2006, 08:37:32 AM
i feel sorry for all the applications that don't get replied on.
good luck.
Applications / Blade of the freak
January 21, 2006, 08:36:24 AM
i feel sorry for all the people who don't get their applications replied on.
good luck.
Applications / LOGO the webcomic
January 08, 2006, 11:24:35 PM
My requested username would be: Kikbuttpanda
My email is: justinllamasATaolDOTcom
Reasons: Webcomic LOGO and other reasons below:

First of all, no this is not based off of the new TV station, Logo, for gay people and lesbian.  In fact, i named the comic LOGO before I even heard of it.  (I have nothing against those who are gay or lesbian)  Logo is the main character's street name.

Well, the reason I wanted to start this comic, was because I wanted more opportunities to display my art for anyone and everyone to see, as a cause for entertainment.  I do comics, and webcomics.  I work on my comic, LOGO, every day, in hopes to publish it with Tokyopop, Lulu publishing, Misfit Studios, any other manga publishing company, or even self publish it.  

I have a deviantART site, but I'd like to display my comic on a separate page.  Many times when I go to publishing companies, they ask for a website that displays my webcomic, but deviantART has my other art too, so they get confused often.

Samples of my art are below:

my art site:

cover of my comic:

characters in my comic:

Oh, and one more thing.  My friend from told me about this site.  She has a site from here of her own that she made too.  The link is on her site.  She told me that it is easy and that the people here would help me achieve getting my own site.  THank you, that is all.