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I'm in the process of editing my pages. For the most part, it's going okay, but there's this one script I have that completely stopped working.  It's a page with a very small script I use for my art galleries and it allows me to display images and titles to that page without creating a new HTML page for every last image.

It starts off with this:

if ($_REQUEST['srcs']) {

And the second part is this:
<img src="<?=$_REQUEST['srcs']?>">

It worked just dandy before the server moved, but now any image I load on that page is broken and adding "php" to the request code in the URL isn't doing anything but giving me errors for the "=" in it.  I get rid of the "=" and it's back to the broken image.  I checked the image properties and it asks for that exact url instead of the url for the image I called for.

Is there a possible solution to this? Thanks in advance! <3