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Web Design / Newbie Attempting Websites!
February 08, 2013, 06:12:52 AM
Hello Xepher!

So I've been wanting to build my own website (to host a webcomic and personal artwork) for the past year or so, and after much research and consideration, I thought this community might be the best place for me to find help and advice on how to go about doing this.

There seems to be a lot of HTML/CSS savy people out there, and I was wondering if the software Kompozer is a program worth pursuing? It looks like exactly what I want in a web building software, but is it worth it? will it actually help me learn?

My biggest lack of confidence is in HTML/web building. I feel like this is the last hump I need to get over in order to get things in motion.
(or in other words, once I am able to comfortably build a site, I will apply for free hosting and get the ball rolling)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!