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Technical Support / Re: Site Updating
« on: May 19, 2008, 09:54:38 pm »
Ah, fixed this, for I am stupid and was not loading the files in the right spot.

Technical Support / Site Updating
« on: May 19, 2008, 06:42:07 pm »
Ok, so I'm using WinSCP to upload to my account.

 However my page doesn't show any of the updates that I've uploaded. Is there any sort of action I need to take for my uploads to take, akin to the allow file changes on the old system?

Technical Support / FTP not connecting
« on: March 25, 2006, 09:29:07 pm »
Wouldn't even let me get to a log in window to type in a password. Though it's working now, so I agree with your windows gone dumb theory. I'll try that program next time though.


Technical Support / FTP not connecting
« on: March 25, 2006, 07:54:14 am »
Has something been changed recently? I was transferring files just fine like ten minutes ago and now it won't connect for anything. The error message I get says the connection has been reset, this is totally new and bizarre.

I'm curious if this is a new policy thing and how I can fix it or what I can do to upload files. I've been using the basic windows ftp method, I'm a bit nervous downloading any programs to use.

Announcements / Status, Plans, and Questions...
« on: February 25, 2006, 01:06:16 am »
Eesh, I am a very bad e-citizen. Haven't checked up on things here for a long time. Many apologies.

1 - Since I'm not paying anything for this hosting it seems silly of me demanding you drop everything now and fix the server, I'm also not that concerned. A secure system would be nice, though I'm not up sleep-less at night worying about someone yoinking my files.  I've got my files backed up so whatever happens I'm set.

2 - Well I don't use much of the features but I do use-
e-mail (channeling stuff from my xepher mail address to gmail)
FTP (however am willing it adjust my methods if need be)
PHP (newsbox, I'm also hoping to update my tech of page design so might be using this in future)
statistics option is nice

3 - Security is important. Ease of use is nice but I'm sure I can adjust, as long as things don't get too complicated.

4 - Really can't think of much, I'm happy with whats here now

5 - Never had much trouble with the site, except for the hacked times. Load time seems decent from my end, nothing to complain about.

6 - Raising revenue - The gaming server - while generating revenue seems like it would bog the rest down.

I'm not very good at promotion, though I'd say word of mouth would help. Actively going out and getting awareness out about the community might help pull some fund bringing people in.

Commericial hosting while sounds great doesn't really seem right to me, it seems like it'd set up a hierarchy in here which would go against the feel of the community. But do whatver you see fit, this is your baby.

The comic hosting idea might be a decent one, to raise funds set up a part that is pay for view, I'm sure that there are some artists here who wouldn't mind donating work for such thing. I know I wouldn't.

Having some people sell ad space on their site and use the proceeds to fund xepher might not be too bad as long as it's done tastefully and in moderation.

7 - The Application process right now doesn't strike me as too bad a system. Though I'm bad and need to visit that section and vote a bit more often.  But a deputy system might make things go along abit smoother. And guilting people into do a minimum amount of voting might not be too bad, considering the fact that we are getting very decent free webhosting.

However as stated earlier by others, this is your time and effort mainly so do what you feel you can when you can. I'll not complain with whatever you decide.

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