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Applications / Kremling Temple
May 26, 2006, 11:38:58 PM
First of all I know that the url is going to be I wanted it to be that! You might hate it but I don't care! Another thing is that I was going to tell more but was busy and had to go. I have a life off the internet! Also, I was going to do a sample. (and I did do one.) but when I clicked save it said it had an error! You don't know how much I wrote! Now I have to go. I'll try to give a sample and more descrtiption as soon as possible!  

Quote from: tickyheadGod not another one.....

*hokay* First off, you apparently haven't even read the guildlines, or you would've known that you need:

1. A potential username that will be used as your URL ( for example)
2. an email address that you can be contacted at (this is mostly a formality, but it's a good way to check who's read the instructions or not)
3. A link to a temporary site to show off your "mad" HTML and artistic skills. (no, deviantART does not count as a site that showcases HTML skills, you've gotta know what makes a website to get one here.)
4. A longer summary of your ideas and goals for your potential web space. (three sentences ain't gonna cut it, honey bee.)

until you get at least some of this up here, you haven't got a snowball's chance. No offence.
Applications / Kremling Temple
May 24, 2006, 11:47:31 PM
Hi, I'm new here! Anyways, I'm wanting to make a new web-site called Kremling Temple. A personal web-site with artwork and stuff. I like the reptiles in DKC which are called kremlings. Also I'm haveing the web-site to have some info on the kremlings in the T.V. show. Basically, it is a web-site about me and my love for kremlings! I hope it will be accepted.