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Applications / Aerith's drawings.........
« on: June 29, 2006, 11:30:52 pm »
Ehem. I will TRY... BUT KEEP IN MIND!!! I am 12 years old and barely going into the 7th grade... so be nice. Please.

Name- Aerith AKA Michele
Wanted Username- Aerith-Angel

Just somewhere to post my drawing.. I am getting sick of freewebs and forgetting my password.. and maybe I'll put some funny anime stuff alongside it..

I do have one example.. Its a RP character that I made up.. Its kinda old..

Umn.. Thats about it. PLEASE BE NICE!!!

And by the way I do know a little HTML.. Its kinda sad but I learned from neopets... guild layouts and such...

Thats it.


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