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Messages - Madoushi yuki

Applications / Celestial Chronicles Application
November 24, 2005, 07:38:58 AM
Quote from: DatabitsYou aren't really *required* to correct the code. But it's always nice to see people who have good websites that actually validate as well.
oooh ok i see ^^. thanks~
Applications / Celestial Chronicles Application
November 22, 2005, 02:16:12 AM
Quote from: DatabitsWhat I love is that it looks like someone actually read the application instructions for once.... +10 points!

The artwork is excellant, still wish I could draw. T_T

As for the websites code, I'm not going to comment on that right now. I will add a link to the pages validation through W3C:
lolz yeah i read it a few times actually, instructions are important to me *perfectionist* ^^;

ah thank you~ :D i've started the CG's for the first 4 pages so hopefully i can get some more recent work up.
well i'm not an expert on i'm not really sure what you mean by site code O.o. but if i'm supposed to go and fix those things that site says, i guess i can do that.
Applications / Celestial Chronicles Application
November 20, 2005, 01:53:56 AM
sorry about really slow updates...i've been busy these days and haven't gotten around to scanning in the final versions of the actual pages ^^;...getting to em soon!
Applications / Celestial Chronicles Application
November 20, 2005, 01:49:34 AM
thanx! ^^
Applications / Celestial Chronicles Application
October 26, 2005, 03:00:13 AM
i put up new char sketches from the manga. the sketches are done really fast because i was mass sketching. well anyway, try to read my bad handwriting if you want ^^. please take a look at my sketches.
Applications / Celestial Chronicles Application
October 16, 2005, 06:29:37 AM
hehehe yeah i'm really sorry bout that stupid long summary....^^;...if you wanna even call it a summary..heh. just that some story parts kept changing cuz my friend keeps adding and changing the story bit by bit. well you get what the basic story plot is like so yep :). first few pages of manga will be in full color CG for reading enjoyment and attention ^^.
Applications / Celestial Chronicles Application
October 01, 2005, 05:45:46 PM
username of choice: celestialchronicles

temp site:

art site:

site description: The site is for an online manga called Celestial Chronicles that I am collabing with my friend to do. From the looks of how we're molding the story together, it's like a mix of fantasy/action/sci-fi. We haven't come up with the whole story yet (just making things up carefully as we go). The thing that might turn out interesting about the manga is that we plan to alternate our drawing styles every few pages.  

As you can see, I have a temp site up that's not quite finished yet (need to add links section and other stuff) but the final product will look something like that. The story and manga section have things in them up for sample at the moment, so please take a look. (gallery section doesn't work)

ok after some time of redoing the story a bit, i shortened the summary so now it makes sense and is easier to read :D!!

In the future of the worlds, peace is a thing of the past. As different worlds wage war against each other, safety becomes salvation for many. What makes the war deadly is that it is fought with different alien technology, spreading unknown diseases to different species.

As the deadly war is fought, humans strive to survive on Earth 2.0. With the original Earth destroyed and in pieces, humans have constructed a planet similar to their once beautiful home. Having a population of about 1-2 million, humans have grown to love their planet more and be more careful about using precious resources.

In the midst of all the chaos, an orphan girl, Miyu, tries to enjoy her everyday life on Earth 2.0. Now 16 years old, she knows that she will have to leave her beloved orphanage home by the end of the year. Unlike most orphans at the orphanage, Miyu's parents have never been seen, nor does she seem to have any relatives of any sort. Life progresses slowly and normally for Miyu until a stranger runs into her at the festival in town. With no knowledge of what happened, Miyu returns to the orphanage only to be later attacked by space pirates.

The situation worsens when Miyu finds out she's been framed for stealing something from the pirates. Just as Miyu thought nothing could ever get worse, the pirates force her to come with them. This means she'll have to leave her home and travel through space where the war thrives.
Seeing no future for herself on Earth 2.0 and wanting to save the orphans from harm, Miyu agrees to leave with the pirates on their ship. From this point, Miyu's life takes a plunge into chaos and excitement as she makes odd but very good friends, and finds pieces of her past hidden in space. As the pieces of her past start coming together, Miyu would soon realize who she really is.

ermm...yeah i know this story sounds real cliche and all but we're not really going too extreme with the sci fi stuff ^^;.

Most of the art on the temp site is my old art. If you want to see more of my recent works, visit my art site.

sample of manga:

cc artwork:

i added some char sketches! take a look at them ^^. these sketches were fairly fast and colored simply.