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Applications / north of the city
March 24, 2007, 11:10:12 PM
hello, it's nice to find a free hosting site finally. Well let me get to where i'm getting to, I want a site here like everyone else i seen so i'm not gonna waste to much words here.
I read the applications and rules through so i'll start off here.

my url it's simple nofc. e-mail

Now my site is based on my music pretty much, but i do go around my little town and take pictures and i would like to have them up there as well. If you want to listen to my music here's a site.
thats all i have till i get my other little demo up there. Now i may not have to much orignality in my website but i took this class called webpage animation, not bragging but i'm pretty good at from movies ads or buttons and some beyond like mp3's ( still working on those) i can pretty much can do all of that. I do got some screen shots, not a url even though you prefer a breif website look at.
this is the enter page as seen as that leads into home.


music page

picture page (IN WORKS)