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Applications / Re: REC (the name has no real meaning)
January 30, 2008, 11:49:17 AM
My basic understanding of html is good, the way that the ftp is set up makes it almost impossible for me to change anything or ad banners to my site. There are almost no places for me to get help with the ftp server as well.

not to mention I want to trash the first couple of pages of my comic to start a decent intro, but the ftp works on dates and replacing dates of the past almost always messes up my site.

But I geuss I wont get a place here. Thanks for taking time to look at it anyway. .... (ps, sorry about the grammer. Im actually Dutch and languages where never my forte, Ill check my site again to see if I can find anything I could modify)
Applications / REC (the name has no real meaning)
January 29, 2008, 10:26:47 PM
Username: REC

(It used to be random experiments club, but the story soon flipped and had nothing to do with it, the letters stuck however.)

Mail : danhuanghuli

The site will be for the comic Im making.

Im not that amazingly good at drawing yet, and my story has a crappy beginning. But I need a new place to start at since the site I am at now is not working out. The beginning will be scrapped and I plan to make a new intro after wich Ill insert the pages I have now. After that Ill continue with the story. My goal is to get better at drawing and to hope that somewhere in my dusty mind I might have a decent plotline. 

As I am moving into steadier grounds on my story I plan to upload at least once a week. I have 6 pages waiting to go (as soon as Ive subbed them) And my brain is in over drive over the intro. The only thing I can say about this mess youll see is that I really seriously want to improve my drawing skills.