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Yeah, I'm on a Mac, and Fugu works great for me. And it's totally free, which makes it all the sweeter.
Applications / Re: Jinxville
February 19, 2008, 01:09:29 AM
Quote from: Xepher on February 18, 2008, 08:55:04 PM
I just got back from vacation last night, but a quick glance over your site and I'd say I'm leaning towards a yes for this one. The comics are really cleanly drawn, and the site layout is well done too.
Well, that's encouraging. Thanks for the bit of feedback. I daresay that the redesign will be a big improvement on the visual appeal and functionality of the site. I could create a mock-up for you, if you want to see what I have in mind.
Applications / Re: Jinxville
February 13, 2008, 09:40:17 AM
D'oh! Bad timing on my part, I guess. Oh, well. I can wait a little while. No big rush since I won't have time to make the move and redesign until next month.

Thanks for the comments, yny-u. I do have more things to put up, mainly illustrations, but I'm waiting for the redesign to do that because...I'm lazy, I guess. I also have the rest of that Saving Halloween comic that I desperately need to finish toning and posting online. I've put that off for WAYYY too long. And then there's a 24-page comic I did with a writer that I'd like to set up in it's own section, with the ability to add more material from the universe in which it's set.

And yes, the Wuxtry area is pathetic. I put that page up when I was first throwing the site together as it is now, and I just never got around to putting anything there. I do have plans. I have my Nightcrawler sketchbooks, for one. I'll probably just eliminate that section with the redesign and link the extra stuff from the front page, now that I think about it. When I think of how I want my new site to look, I think of Bryan Lee O'Malley's and Kazu Kibuishi's sites. I like how O'Malley's is fun, modular, and interactive. It feels like I'm reading a buddy's blog, all friendly. I like how Kazu's is really informative about the site and his work, with links to specific projects and the latest art updates. It's a lot slicker and busier than anything I'd want to attempt, though. I have a visual theme and color scheme in mind. I'm thinking I want it centered around nice, sunny greens and the Star Key symbol, which I'll probably end up incorporating into all future site designs.

Star Key:

Applications / Jinxville
February 12, 2008, 07:21:42 AM
Hey, Fesworks pointed me to this site, and it looks like a pretty neat thing. I'm looking to move away from Dreamhost for a few reasons, and I think I'd be really happy here. Anyway...

desired username: jinxville

e-mail: jinxville at gmail dot com

current site:

Jinxville is my comic/illustration/misc. portfolio site. I want to move it to a new host and redesign it next month. My plans -- aside from making it look way prettier than it does now -- are to add more interactivity, like a semi-regularly-updated art blog that can be commented on, Flickr and Twitter feeds, and maybe an oekaki board. I'd continue to post new short comic work and illustrations there, as well as smaller side projects. If I were to start a larger project, like an ongoing webcomic, I would probably apply for a second account. Right now, it's a rather simple site with some random fun arty things on it.

Most of what I know of design and coding is HTML and CSS. I don't tend to do anything fancy, and I work from templates when it saves me headaches. My main focus is on having a fun website for my online professional artist persona. I would be using my site to get work and woo clients and such, as well as connecting with peers and fans, if I ever manage to garner any.

Looking forward to hearing back on this. Any comments on my site or artwork are welcome, as well.